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  1. In listening to what your discussing about releasing the video of the shooting at Parliment Hill consider this. Back in the 1940′s when WW2 wax in full swing, audiences would flock to the movie theaters to watch the newsreels of the War in Europe , to be informed of what was going in in the world.

    Laws when WW2 opened up the Government of the day instituted laws and rules of the day to restrict and control certain movements and other others social freedoms for the sake of the greater good.

    What we have today is a country of whines who cant make a very informed choice.The newsreels of the day served the people to inform and to build concensus against what was going on in the world at the time. I served to unify national pride and to make us aware of what evil was in the world…………30

  2. Attn: Jeff McArthur

    Never before has a radio talk show host enraged me. I’ve been annoyed before and that’s okay because I don’t look at things through the same eyes as anyone else. What put me over the edge today is the cowardly way the guests behaved AND the cowardly way that you behaved. You are the host. You are in charge. By letting your guests make comment after comment, attacking the views of a caller was not the act of someone in charge, rather it was the act of someone who didn’t care. The topic was the female comic who was verbally attacked onstage the other day and a female caller voiced her opinion. She wasn’t abusive, she was eloquent and explained why her opinion is what it is. I have no problem with debate, in fact I wish there was more time given to debate on talk shows. No, what bothered me is the way you thanked the woman for her call, hung up and then turned the mike over to your in-studio guests who took turns attacking the caller and her opinion. What a cowardly act by you all. Had the woman had still been on the line to defend her opinion is one thing. To disengage the caller and allow the guests to attack again and again is indefensible. I’ll not stop listening to the station as I enjoy many of the hosts. What I will do is tune in to the station up the dial and enjoy their host during your time slot.

    If you’re thinking that this is a cowardly way of attacking you, don’t. This is also an open invitation to talk with me ON THE AIR.

    Bill Caukwell
    Whitby, Ont.

  3. I don’t know how you, Mike Stafford, Bill Carroll and John Oakley can share the same radio station with an absolutely out-of-the-closet Socialist Jeff MacArthur. I respect the first three names mentioned on this note and have great admiration for them. I’m sorry to say but Jeff should be gone (maybe to Global?) as he does NOT reflect the Conservative viewpoint that the other hosts do, although they do not push their agenda in any way, but certainly don’t cut callers off in mid sentence when the callers viewpoint is different than their own. When Jeff has a caller who is FOR the Conservative party to remain in power, he constantly cuts them off with his common phrase “well let me ask you this….” nonsense.
    Mike, Bill, John…you guys are always hitting the nail on the head. Jeff must be using a rubber mallet because the nail is not being affected whatsoever.
    I had to write this note as Jeff was just talking to the Ottawa Citizen about the Conservative party repealing some money from the Refugee file in order to balance the books. We ARE a caring nation, but for god’s sake, let’s take care of our own people first. And that involves balancing the budget so that money is not thrown away in interest rates on debt that is outstanding. There is barbarism every minute of every day around the world. We are not going to solve it by taking in any amount of refugees. All these poor people want is to safely go back to their homes. Lets cut the head of the snake that is ISIS and then ravage the carcass so THERE IS NO MORE REFUGEES FLEEING the horrid conditions that this group brings to the world. Mulcair would immediately bring all the troops home. Great idea Tom. Why don’t you have a look at how that turned out when Obama took all the troops out of Iraq/Afghanistan. I truly believe that is why we have ISIS today. Harper isn’t perfect by any means but he is the lesser of the 3 evils BY A LONG SHOT. The other two leaders are living with a very distorted view of this world. Kiss and make friends doesn’t work with savage animals. The sooner they understand that…oh never mind. They will never understand that.

    • I have to agree Rick. I turn my radio over to jim Richards while Jeff is on. He is an incredibly condensending host. Dominic Diamond would be a great replacement!!

  4. Oh, by the way, good for you Bill Caukwell from Whitby. However, I’m afraid that you will never be able to interrogate Mr. MacArthur. He will cut you off mid sentence with “well let me ask you this …..” and then cut you off entirely. Quiet your opponent. That has always been Jeffs’ tactic. Personally I’m sick of it and will no longer listen, the same as Bill from Whitby.
    Corus Radio, I think this is something you need to take a hard look at.

  5. Hi,
    I enjoy listening to our show and look forward to difference in opinions. So I am listening to Sandy complain about her cabride. Honestly, I think the driver was paying a compliment, however I still do not think she sees this. For one, who knew she had weight problems? Calling her thick, with that prior knowledge would be insensitive. I am also from the Caribbean, and the ladies there are not all slim to fit North American profiles of beauty. They have big bodies and enjoy being referred to as thick. Bottom line, since we are opening our doors to foreigners, we should make this as part of their training, Cultural Awareness. Complimenting women, approaching women, basically any conversation that is not of a professional intent is off limits. This way, women can feel safe and not be constantly bombarded by men. I miss the days before political correctness when a women dressed nice and she acknowledged my compliments. Even a smile was great. Sigh. Oh well, I should go back to my cave and see what Wilma has on the fire. Keep up the good work Bill