VGS : June 8th – Orwellian Trepidations meet Watch Dogs Juxtaposed to Karting Fun!

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This week on VGS…

It’s our final show before E3 takes over the known universe, so we have some important news to discuss! Dave and Andy filter through the rumour and innuendo to compile a list of our most wanted games and news from E3.

Guest Review- STARTS AT: 26:07 Mike “Birdman” Dodd joins the show this week to give us the skinny on Watch Dogs.

His complete analysis dives into the subtext of a title that hopes to leave a lasting impression not only through a meaningful narrative but also exploding cars and stealing money for cancer survivors!

Mario Kart

FEATURE INTERVIEW: Starts at 33:31- If your Wii U has been gathering dust now is the time to shake it off and get to gaming!

Mario Kart 8 is HERE and the folks at Nintendo want you to know why it will take you back to yesteryear while making you dream of a day that you could drop banana peels in traffic!

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