Doug Ford Breaks His Silence with Oakley

Toronto, ON, Canada / Talk Radio AM640

“If Rob goes away on a little vacation, loses 50-60 lbs., and he moves forward, it would be tough to beat Rob Ford.”

The Mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, has broken three days of silence, speaking to John Oakley on Friday morning.

Ford was last heard from on Tuesday, when he slammed the Chief of Police, asking him to step down from his position.

During the interview, the councillor says his brother should “go away for a week, a couple of weeks”, echoing a call made by dozens of councillors at city hall.

Ford told Oakley he thinks it’s “disgusting the way (these) councillors are playing politics”, saying that most are tying to “tap dance on his grave”.

On an interview done with a television network with mother Diane and sister Kathy, Doug Ford says both were taken advantage of during the sit-down.

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