VGS – Sept 29: The Last of Us Creative Director Talks DLC and Video Game Culture

Toronto, ON, Canada / Talk Radio AM640
VGS - Sept 29: The Last of Us Creative Director Talks DLC and Video Game Culture

Big week in gaming! Shake yourselves out of that GTA V comma and get back into the real world! This week on VGS we discuss and review the massive achievement that is Grand Theft Auto 5.

Feature Interview: Creative Director Neil Druckmann of the game, The Last of Us spoke earlier this month at an IGDA event. He outlines how the process of the writing developed in The Last of Us, the role of feminism in gaming and showcases alternate endings to one of the highest rated games of all time!

Below you’ll find all three segments of the talk divide by content! We start with part 1 he talks about his first characters developed for a zombie story, working with George A. Romero, and the failed version of “The Last of Us” known as “Mankind.”

Part 2: Creative director Neil Druckmann shows us the first version of “The Last of Us” and talks about how the story evolved into what it became in the final game. Includes discussion of possible alternate endings!

In the final part of his keynote speech, creative director Neil Druckmann gives us his original interpretation of “The Last of Us” ending and explains his motivation for creating that ending. He also addresses the idea of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, feminism in the gaming industry, and why video game characters matter.

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