Roy Green’s resume is outstanding. He is a three time consecutive winner of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters national Gold Ribbon award, Canada’s most prestigious broadcast award.

Listeners need not read his resume to know that Roy is a passionate advocate for the average Canadian, with an unshakable desire for justice and a deep and abiding love for his country. No wonder Roy’s show has been cited by Canada’s parliamentary newspaper as required listening for federal politicians.

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Wed, 25 Feb 2015 04:51:32 +0000
Roy Green

It’s a sleeper issue, which, if a case emerges in the proximity of this year’s federal election, could be impactful on the vote.  The issue?  The right to self and family defence as you see fit in your home.  Listen to a few segments we’ve aired in recent weeks since the arrest and charges against 68 year old Michael Woodard who is alleged to have used a legal rifle to shoot an alleged home-invader in the leg.  You’ll find the segments on this site in the podcast section.

The speculation on what the Toronto tunnel is about is as headline-grabbing as the tunnel itself.  Sign of the times is the fear potential terrorist action may, authorities downplaying it notwithstanding, be in play.

Obama vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline.  I was thinking about an exclamation mark to follow the word “pipeline”, but it’s difficult for me to place an exclamation mark beside any word which relates to activities of this U.S. President, except perhaps, ‘golf’!  Is he any good, anyway?  Michael Jordan has said he’d have no difficulty winning a straight-up match against Obama.  Play one on TV for charity Mr. President.  As for Keystone and Obama?  We knew he would veto a major bill passed by Republicans who have majorities in the House and Senate.  That means nothing to this President.

Parisians are concerned.  They’ve witnessed drones flying over tourist attractions and historic sites in the city.  Haven’t been able to catch the drone operators.  That alone should be troubling.

And, hackers may be after your smartphone now. My gut tells me once a hacker threat is publicly identified such attacks have already taken place and perhaps in significant numbers.

I’m taking a few days off and won’t be on air this weekend.

Sun, 22 Feb 2015 18:37:55 +0000
Roy Green

Today we follow up on the question of the right to self-defence using a legal firearm during a home invasion in Canada. I’ll be speaking with Pennsylvania State Representative Jeff Pyle, who in 2011 was the driving force in getting the Castle Doctrine adopted by law in PA.
Listen in hour 3 and find out what the Castle Doctrine permits and how this differs from Canada where we know individuals who are under direct and violent threat in their homes, on their properties and use a legal firearm to defend themselves are usually criminally charged and face possible prison time longer than their attackers.

We’ll get at the issue child abandonment.  It’s a big issue in Canada at the moment and from Winnipeg, lawyer Bob Sokalski joins me to speak about the case in which a mother was criminally charged with child abandonment for leaving her 6 year old son alone in their locked home, with food and access to television.  On Friday a Manitoba judge dismissed the charge.  She didn’t approve of the mother’s decision, but said it was not a criminal act.  In Toronto the mother of a four year old is also charged after her little son was found wandering on the street this past week in -14 weather. The mother is on bail and not allowed to see her son at present.
Some cases are self-explanatory, other times its appears like state interference in parenting choices.  We’ll talk.

The terror group al-Shabab has issued a threat against the West Edmonton Mall and other Western world shopping centres.  Scott Newark, former security advisor to the federal and Ontario governments joins us to speak to this … and about kids leaving home to join ISIS, like the three teenage girls who left London for Turkey a few days ago.  How concerned are you about terror attack in Canada?

Just some of what you’ll hear on today’s show.



Sat, 21 Feb 2015 18:02:27 +0000
Roy Green

Thursday it was the heart-breaking loss of 3 year old Elijah Marsh to the bitter cold of a February pre-dawn and yesterday a four year old boy was found unclothed, wandering on the street in Toronto.  He was taken to safety by a neighbour and ‘just in time’ according to police.  I’ll be speaking with international parenting expert Barbara Coloroso and taking your calls.  When a child is found unattended in freezing weather is that the time for charges, or for it to be understood it’s a terrible accidental occurance?

Colonel Steve Day is the former Commanding Officer of Canada’s JTF2 special forces military unit.  he joins me today to speak about terrorism, the threat of Putin and Russia, whether we need additional anti-terror legislation and when Canada’s special ops soldiers are called into action.

An RCMP officer was yesterday convicted of perjury in the death of Polish immigrant Robet Dziekanski.  All four officers in the case were charged with offences.  Is this a stain on the RCMP, or a case of four individual officers and not the entire force?  I’ll ask you.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and author of Battle for the Soul of Islam will talk about the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.  Dr. Jasser is no supporter of President Obama and has very strong views.  He’s also an 11 year veteran officer of the U.S. Navy.

And it’s Saturday, so Beauties and the Beast, with Catherine, Linda and Michelle.  They’re ready to deal with Ontario and Alberta stories which have implications for all of us.

Some of what’s on today’s show.

Fri, 20 Feb 2015 12:48:49 +0000
Roy Green

A smile which lit up hearts across Canada.  The smile of a little three year old boy named Elijah.  There aren’t many of us who wouldn’t have reached out to help Elijah had we known he needed our assistance at any time and yet we learned of him when Elijah’s life was imperiled. Most of us watched and listened helplessly, hoping, praying for success in the search for Elijah.

We know now Elijah was found about 300 meters from his grandmother’s home where he had been staying.  A little boy who had wandered into the bitter cold of a February pre-dawn in Toronto was found too late.

Canadians are taking the loss of little Elijah personally.  We grieve for his family.  I’ve read postings online in which parents write about their own children wandering from view, or being lost for brief moments, before being reunited with them.

Elijah’s smile is imprinted on the minds of millions.  The feeling of helplessness is, as one person wrote “personally painful.”  Elijah’s family’s loss has become the loss of a nation.

So very sad.


Tue, 17 Feb 2015 03:07:43 +0000
Roy Green

The on-air reaction was non-stop and the opinion was uncompromising.  Canadians who find themselves the victims of a home-invasion must have the right to defend themselves as they deem necessary at the moment they are under personal or family attack.
I know federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney wasn’t expecting my question about why it is that law-abiding Canadians who do defend their lives and/or those of their families with a firearm during a home-invasion often face potential prison sentences far longer than the incarceration time waiting for the individual(s) guilty of the crime.  The question was in context with the subject of the interview (the federal government’s decision to do away with statutory release for repeat-convicted individuals with a minimum five year prison sentence).
The Minister’s response wasn’t satisfactory and I think he knew it.


Sun, 15 Feb 2015 18:18:31 +0000
Roy Green

If I entered your home and took something that was yours and was completely legal, wouldn’t you report me to police and wouldn’t they in turn, if they were satisfied that I had removed something from your home, charge me?
We’ll follow up on yesterday’s segment with the federal Minister for Public Safety on defending yourself and your family with a legal firearm during a home invasion, with the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission’s report about RCMP action in private homes in High River, Alberta, during and following the devastating 2013 flood.
Police officers did remove firearms from residences without legal authority.  I’ll be talking to Lorne Gunter of Sun Media who has a documentary on the issue titled Broken Trust.
High River resident Greg Kvisle joins me as well to share what happened to heirloom firearms in his home , as I understand it, and I’ll play back for you the interview I aired with the RCMP at the time of the flood and the concerns about firearms removal from private homes and you’ll hear the police explanation and assurances.  Then we’ll take calls.

That’s just one issue today.

What is that would connect young people apparently on social media and have them allegedly plot a mass murder at a Halifax shopping centre?  Psychologist and past president of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Frank Farley (he’s Canadian) will explain.

The terror attack in Copenhagen yesterday.  Is it connected with the cartoons drawn of the Prophet Muhammad?  I’ve said it all along and I’ll say it again today.  It was wrong to print those cartoons.  It was wrong in 2006 and it’s wrong today.  I’ll again explain why I think this and take your calls.

That’s some of what’s on today’s show.

Sat, 14 Feb 2015 17:55:15 +0000
Roy Green

Minister of Defence Jason Kenney joins me today.  I’ll ask about Canada’s commitment to fighting ISIS. Several times now our special forces JTF2 have engaged in firefights with ISIS in Iraq.  I’ll ask the Minister for his views on the Ukraine crisis and the ceasefire as well.  And for what he can share about the alleged plot to today attack and kill as many people as possible in a public place in Halifax.  One 19 year old man is dead, reportedly suicide and another 19 year old male and a 23 year old woman are in custody.

Also…. “We live in a society that has rules and people have to live by those rules.”  The words of federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney when I spoke with him Thursday in an interview you’ll hear today.  The Minister was answering my question about why law-abiding Canadian citizens who use a legal firearm to protect themselves and/or their families during a violent home invasion often find themselves facing criminal charges.

68 year old Michael Woodard of New Brunswick found himself confronting three alleged home invaders just before midnight on December 19, last year. Two were 19 years of age, the third was 17.  The 17 year old had a weapon which he allegedly used against Mr. Woodard.  Woodard managed to get his hands on a gun and allegedly shot the 17 year old in the leg.

Now this 68 year old man faces criminal charges which could net him more prison time than his assailants might receive if convicted.  Mr. Woodard is charged with “discharging a firearm with intent and discharging a firearm in a reckless manner.”

Please think about those charges.  “Discharging a firearm with intent” and “discharging a firearm in a reckless manner.”

Whose home was invaded in the middle of the night (allegedly)?  Who was attacked (allegedly)?  And what was Mr. Woodard supposed to do?

Well, I’ve given you part of the Public Safety Minister’s answer to my question.  In fact, I asked that question twice of Minister Blaney during the interview and I’ll play back both questions and the answers I received.  Then I’ll open the phone lines to you.

The Minister was speaking to me about the government’s initiative to end statutory release for repeat criminal offender, as in automatic parole after 2/3rds of sentence served if a sentence is longer than five years.

Michael Woodard, if convicted, could receive a prison sentence in excess of five years.

There’s much more on today’s program, including interviews with Dr. Ingrid Mattson, London and Windsor Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario about the murders of three young Muslims at the University of North Carolina.

I’ll be speaking with the Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera about bail granted their Canadian reporter Mohamed Fahmy in an Egyptian court.

and an unhappy former Liberal MP Michelle Simson on Justin Trudeau’s acceptance of now former Conservative MP Eve Adams into the Liberal caucus.  Seems quite a few Liberals are disenchanted.

Be sure to join us.

Sat, 14 Feb 2015 04:42:47 +0000
Roy Green

Jason Kenney joins me Saturday to speak to the commitment Canada has made to fighting ISIS.  The new federal Minister for National Defence is the best communicator in the Conservative government, the PM notwithstanding.

You’ll also hear the interview I recorded Thursday with the Minister for Public Safety Steven Blaney, concerning the government’s decision to end statutory release for repeat criminal offenders sentenced to at least five years in prison.  Statutory release has for years meant that such offenders are by law required to spend only 2/3rds of their sentence in prison before being released under some forms of supervision.
I took advantage of the opportunity to ask the Minister about his views concerning Canadians who are the victims of home invasions using a legally owned firearm to defend themselves and families from attack during such a home invasion.  I asked that question twice of the Minister.  I’ll play back both questions and both of his answers and then go to the phones for your views.

I’ll be speaking as well Dr. Ingrid Mattson, London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Mattson is the former president of the Islamic Society of North America and will speak to her thoughts concerning the murders of three young Muslims at the University of North Carolina.  Was it a hate crime, which is what the FBI is investigating, or was it the violent culmination of a lengthy dispute over a condominium parking space as the alleged killer’s wife states and local police are investigating?

The Federal Court has ruled it is legal to wear a veil wile swearing allegiance to Canada during a citizenship ceremony,  I’ll take your calls on this.  Also since it’s Saturday it’s B&B with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and former Liberal MP Michelle Simson.  We’ll talk about Eve Adams crossing the parliamentary floor from the Conservative benches to those of the Liberals.  Michelle isn’t happy at all, neither are other members of the Liberal Party, although Justin Trudeau looks very pleased at the new acquisition.  Is it Eve Adams, or her fiancé Dimitri Soudas Mr. Trudeau considers the real prize?  The former executive director of the Conservative Party is said to be only engaged in basic electioneering (planting lawn signs) for Ms. Adams, who still has to win the nomination of the Ontario riding she wants to contest for the Liberals.

The Washington Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera will be on the show to provide the network’s response to the bail granted its reporter Mohamed Fahmy by an Egyptian court.  Mohamed Fahmy is a Canadian citizen who reportedly isn’t overwhelmed by the level of support provided him by Ottawa as Fahmy sought release from the Egyptian prison where he was being held.
I have other questions for my guest Abderrahim Foukara from Al Jazeera.

And it’s 40 years of Saturday Night Live.  Almost everyone has a favourite ‘star’ from SNL, as well as skit.  For me the ‘star’ is Eddie Murphy and the skit, Dana Carvey doing GWB.  Professor Robert Thompson, pop culture expert from the University of Syracuse will talk to us about the significance of SNL on multiple generations of viewers.

Some of what you’ll hear Saturday.

Remember to follow me on Twitter @theroygreenshow.


Wed, 11 Feb 2015 02:47:16 +0000
Roy Green

I don’t feel sorry for Brian Williams.  I take no joy in his Humpty Dumpty tumble.  The $10 million man has forfeited $5 million immediately through his 6 month suspension from the network news anchor desk.  It’s a lot of money, but Williams should be set for life by now with or without that five mill.

What will hurt most is the abrupt change in public attention and the way he’s perceived.  Whether it’s at the country club with golfing buddies, his favourite restaurant(s), or the snickering, real or imagined behind his back, life has changed for Brian Williams, perhaps forever.

Ultimately, it was so completely unnecessary.  Williams foray into Iraq during the fighting was journalistic courage which required no Rambo-like presence to complete the picture.

Was it Iraq and the claims to have been aboard the Chinook forced down by RPG and AK47 fire alone which caused NBC’s corporate leadership to suspend Brian Williams?  Rumours persist the answer is no.  You’ve likely heard of suspicions Williams may have embellished his hurricane Katrina experiences in New Orleans.

Brian Williams reported the news and tonight he is the news.  I can only try to imagine how awful he must feel personally.  The humiliation must feel overwhelming.

We were told last Saturday by a reporter who was on the scene of the downed helicopter within minutes of the crash that the pilot of the chopper forced down by the RPG fire sent an email to one of Brian Williams producers requesting a retraction from Williams to the claim he was on the helicopter.

That was in 2003, immediately following the incident.

Even last week when Williams apologized for ‘misremembering’ the actual trail of events he spoke of having been on a ‘following aircraft.”  That too appears to not have been the case. We were told and it has been reported elsewhere that Brian Williams arrived on the scene of the forced landing up to an hour after the Chinook was hit.

Maureen Dowd reported last Sunday in the New York Times that Williams penchant for exaggeration became the source of jokes within NBC news.

Is it likely Brian Williams will return to the anchor desk in six months?

Six months is a long time, but I doubt it.

Sun, 08 Feb 2015 17:52:02 +0000
Roy Green

Maureen Dowd writes in today’s New York Times that Brian Williams “puffing himself up” at times became “a joke in the news division” of NBC.  Now Brian Williams has taken himself off the air. Could it wind up being for good?  I think that’s a distinct possibility.  I’m going to speak to media ethics and the law Professor Jane Kirtley from the University of Minnesota, as well as playing back some of our interview with Omaha World-Herald reporter Steve Liewer from yesterday’s show.  Steve was on the ground with the helicopter crew from the chopper which crashed after being hit with RPG fire before Brian Williams arrived on another aircraft up to perhaps an hour later.
I have a question for you about your level of trust in media and people who deliver news and opinion broadcasting.  Me included.

There’s the great story from Detroit about James Robertson who for 10 years walked 33km daily to and from work, five days a week, regardless of weather.  He couldn’t afford a new car, or the insurance.  Now because of a crowdfunding effort started by a 19 year old Wayne State University student, some $344,000 has been raised for James Robertson and he’s been given a new car by a Ford dealer in Detroit.  What a great story.  Has anyone stepped up for you at a time of need in your life?  Have you done so for others?  I’ve been fortunate to have had people do that for me and at a time when things were very bleak.  And how about doing something for someone in need?  Have you done that?  If so, “thank you”.  We’ll talk about this.

Should all teenagers be required to do a crummy job during their teen years?  Of course, I’m going say “yes’. You knew that was coming.  I’ve done crummy jobs.  Are the character building?  Dunno. Maybe.  We’ll talk today about the crummy jobs you’ve done.  It was a Time magazine story which persuaded me to do this segment today

and Karen Cumming is the former producer of my show when I was broadcasting in Hamilton and Toronto (still am on the network).  Karen remains in the running for an astronaut position on the Mars One Mission.  She has had quite the year and will join us today to talk about that and why she remains committed to her goal of being selected as an astronaut and leaving earth on a one-way trip out.  Never to come home.  Karen will take your calls as she did last year when we spoke with her about this. She had much support and admiration.

The serious story of the day?  Russia and Ukraine. Is war with Russia possible?  Historian and author of the banned in Russia book Blowing Up Russia, Yuri Felshtinsky will be on with us.

Some of what you’ll hear today.  follow me on Twitter: @theroygreenshow.

Sat, 07 Feb 2015 17:18:38 +0000
Roy Green

with respect to those who strongly and passionately disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision to enshrine as constitutionally supported, the right of a Canadian experiencing massive health distress to expect a physician-assisted death, I applaud the court’s decision.  We’ll talk about this with a Montreal doctor who is adamantly opposed to the SCC’s ruling.  Dr. Catherine Ferrier will join me.  Quebec’s doctor-assisted death law takes effect at the end of this year, by the way.
I’ll also be speaking with Chris Consodine, lawyer to Sue Rodriguez who in the early 90′s pled with the then Supreme Court for the right to a doctor-assisted death. The vote was 5-4 against Sue Rodriguez who was suffering from ALS which was incrementally destroying her body, while leaving her mind completely intact.
We’ll hear your thoughts.

NBC’s Brian Williams appears on the way out at NBC.  The network has announced it is investigating Williams’ claims about being in a helicopter which was shot down.  I can’t see how the career of the network news anchor can survive an internal scrutiny like this.  Even if he’s found to have “misremembered”, Mr. Williams credibility has just been questioned by his own network.
I’ll be speaking with reporter Steve Liewer who was embedded with the helicopter crews in Iraq at the time of Brian Williams’ supposed experience of being shot down by RPG fire.  Steve Liewer was reporting for Stars and Stripes at the time.  It’s what the pilots and crews of the choppers involved said to Mr. Liewer that you’ll find particularly interesting.  Also on the show will be media ethics professor Robert Drechsel from the University of Wisconsin and we’ll include your calls.
I’ve been shot (a more detailed version is on my Facebook page The Roy Green Show).  It was a very small caliber gun and a very small bullet and the damage ultimately was minor, although it could have been much worse.  I was hit in the left hadn between the little and ring fingers (there’s an artery thereabouts) and it bled profusely.  I was just 12 years old and it was an adult who shot me, claiming he was shooting at birds.  I was riding my bicycle.  The point is, I’ve never forgotten a moment of that incident and find it difficult to accept Brian Williams “misremembered” twelve years later, particularly since he’s been telling story since 2003…and quite recently.
I’ll have a question for you to call in and speak to.

Following the ISIS brutal burning to death of the Jordanian air force pilot, we’ll be joined by Colonel Peter Mansoor, former executive officer to General David Petraeus during the 2007 Surge in Iraq.  Colonel Mansoor’s book is titled Surge.
Also Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam will be with us.  The question, what to do about ISIS? The focus has been on the King of Jordan who committed his troops to an all-out war, while U.S. President Obama has been slow to commit with real weapons-supply support and lectured publicly about the violence perpetrated in he name of Christianity just a few days ago during a prayer breakfast.

and politicians will be saying “middle class” in almost each sentence leading up to the 2015 federal election.  But what is the middle class and who is in this middle class and other than wanting the votes of the so-called middle class, what are federal politicians going to promise to do for the middle class with the middle class’s tax dollars?
We’ll get at this with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson during our weekly Beauties and the Beast segment, including your calls.

Some of what’s on today’s show.


Fri, 06 Feb 2015 00:49:56 +0000
Roy Green

So, Brian Williams, please!  You conflated riding in a helicopter flying into Iraq which was not forced down by RPG fire in 2003, with one that was?

We in media have one thing fundamentally to sustain us and that is reputation coupled with our commitment to speaking, about ourselves, the truth.

We’re not obliged to share our personal experiences unless they directly impact on the work we do.  We have the right to privacy and even a skeleton or two in our closets.

It’s when we decide to relate and subsequently repeat a personal experience of significance that it becomes incumbent on us to truthfully speak to that event or moment in our lives.

You say, Brian, that the fog of 12 years affected you.

Sure, I can understand the basics of that argument.  I’m not certain I remember exactly everything I was engaged in, in 2003.  However, the major events of the year are imprinted on memory banks and if being shot out of the sky were one such event, it would seem a difficult experience to, well, conflate.

Either you were, or you weren’t.

Today you admit you weren’t.  For 12 years you convinced yourself you were.

I’ll relate the story of how and when I was shot on this weekend’s show.  The injury was minor, the calibre of the gun also.  However, it had the potential to result in serious and life-altering injury.

This happened decades ago, but the moment is today as clear as it was the instant I saw the blood, then felt the pain.

Wed, 04 Feb 2015 21:26:44 +0000
Roy Green

He will not.  Regardless of what may or may not happen going forward as far as ISIS’ acts/actions are concerned, there will be no change in the approach/policy of the President of the United States.  Mr. Obama made that clear when he played golf immediately following making his vacuous remarks following the beheading of James Foley, American citizen.
Is it the Administration’s responsibility to provide military and/or other assistance to Jordan and other regional governments threatened by ISIS? Many argue it is not and that the responsibility lies with those governments directly.
We’ll speak to this issue on the weekend.

The measles vaccine.  So, is it a parent’s right to determine not to vaccinate a child or children, or is that flying directly in the face of public health safety policy?  If you feel very strongly about this issue personally and perhaps have a direct experience with making the “vaccinate or not vaccinate” decision and are willing to speak about it on air, send me an email:

There’s another story of politically correct insanity and in this case, involving a child, I might well argue it is at least temporarily absent sanity in decision-making.  I’ll run it by you and open the phone lines.

and when getting away from it all merges with out of this world.  You will want to hear this story.

Just a few issues we’ll speak to this weekend..


Sun, 01 Feb 2015 18:31:57 +0000
Roy Green

Joel Ifergan had a $13 million lottery win, except Lotto Quebec printed his ticket seven seconds past the deadline for registering for the week in question, even though Mr. Ifergan bought his ticket before the deadline.  he’s been denied the money and no court has supported Joel Ifergan’s argument.  The Supreme Court refused to hear it.
We’ll hear it when Mr. Ifergan joins me today in Hr 1….and takes your calls.

Johnnie Lee Savory will tell us about his almost 40 years in prison.  He was convicted of double homicide at age 14.  His sentence was commuted several years ago and just weeks ago the outgoing Governor of Illinois pardoned Johnnie Lee Savory.  Mr. Savory wants his third time in court because he wants, through DNA evidence to prove his innocence.  We’ll to Johnnie Lee Savory today.   the investigating detective I read, still believes Mr. Savory is guilty.  The Illinois Center on Wrongful Convictions is on Johnnie Lee Savory’s side and fought for him.

We’ll be joined by Winnipeg lawyer Bob Sokalski on the overturning of a will. Big story this week.

Dogs…we’ll talk about the prison sentence for the BC dog walker in whose care six dogs died of heat stroke in her truck and the case of more than 200 dogs removed from an Alberta property this week.  Some have died and the woman who owned them was previously fined $5000 in Saskatchewan over the conditions under which her dogs (over 100 of them) lived there.  Jim Willis who wrote How Could You and is a very strong animal rights supporter joins me and I’ll respond to the email which read “Come on, Roy, they’re just dogs.”

And the Super Bowl and SB $$$ with Mark Yost writer on the business of sport for the Wall Street Journal and author of Tailgating, Sacks and Salary Caps: How the NFL became the world’s most successful sports league.”

Just some of what’s on today’s show.

Sat, 31 Jan 2015 17:01:05 +0000
Roy Green

Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair appear to be walking about with their fingers in the air testing the wind of public opinion. While that’s going on, is Stephen Harper the only leader qualified to protect Canadians from terrorism?
The Conservative government yesterday introduced its anti-terror legislation.  Just a few hours later I spoke with federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney about the bill, about terrorism and even though I heard the CBC say the Conservatives hadn’t addressed whether, if bill C-51 had been in place prior to last October, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo would still be alive, I asked that very question of Minister Blaney.
You’ll hear the entire interview in hour 1 today.  Also, with his views of the impact of the proposed law, Muhammad Robert Heft, president and founder of the Paradise Forever Centre in Toronto. Muhammad works with federal authorities and on de-radicalizing “youth at risk” in a three step program.
I have a question for you as well and it has to do with privacy.  Each time anti-terror legislation is introduced, or in-place legislation is amended, the worries are aired that privacy of Canadians is compromised.  Of course it is, to an extent, but then if you follow me on Twitter (@theroygreenshow) you know what I wrote about that yesterday. I’ll repeat today and will ask for your thoughts by calling in.

Lost your job to downsizing as 350 now former Tim Hortons employees have this week, or 500 CIBC staffers are about to?  What was that experience like and is corporate Canada guilty of selling out?  Tom Caldwell is the Chairman of Caldwell Securities.  He’ll join us today.  Tom Caldwell delivered the ’selling out’ challenge to Canada’s corporate leaders in a full page ad/editorial in the Globe and Mail in 2007 and issued a different challenge in 2009.

I’ll also be speaking with Lior Samfiru, partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP in Toronto.  They are specialists in employment and labour law. What is the responsibility of an employer when you’re losing your job, either singly or as part of a downsizing (more like ‘capsizing’ for the person directly involved)?
We’ll open the phone lines for your experiences in regard to having lost a job.

There’s much more with former crown attorneys Scott Newark, former executive officer with the Canadian Police Association and Jeff Manishen, partner at Ross and McBride in Hamilton, speaking on the Conservatives decision to introduce legislation which would require courts to deliver life-in-prison without chance of parole sentences in specific circumstances.  I addressed that on Twitter earlier in the week (@theroygreenshow).  Your calls here as well.

And it’s Saturday, so Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale are with us for the B&B half hour.  One of the questions is what should Richard Sherman do?  If his girlfriend delivers their first baby tomorrow, should all-pro Seattle Seahawks cornerback Sherman play the game, or be present for his son’s birth?  Can’t wait to find out what you, Catherine and Linda think. I think, as long as his girlfriend agrees, that he should play.  His son will have a great story to tell and bragging rights forever.  Not to mention he’d be able to play back video of the Super Bowl played on the day he was born. Michelle Simson isn’t able to join us for B&B this week.
Also, Premier Jim Prentice of Alberta and his cabinet will take a 5% pay cut.  The province is facing unaccustomed financial/economic challenge because of the precipitous drop in the price of oil.  Should Albert’s public sector employees agree to a pay cut also?  The province’s teachers, through their Federation president have already said they won’t. But should they?  We’ll ask your views on this as well.

Some of what’s on today’s show.  Tomorrow I’ll speak with a man who spent close to 40 years in prison, convicted of a double-homicide. He’s been pardoned now, but wants to go back to court to prove his innocence through advancement in DNA evidence analysis.  The arresting detective though maintains, according to what I’ve read, that my guest is guilty.


Thu, 29 Jan 2015 03:40:18 +0000
Roy Green

It’s impossible to even imagine what spending most of your life imprisoned must be like.  It’s impossible to imagine what spending most of your life imprisoned must be like if you’re innocent.
Sunday I’ll be speaking with the man who maintains his innocence and for whom nothing short of a complete clearing of his name is acceptable.  He has been pardoned, but DNA evidence now appears to support his position since the first day of his arrest and that is that he is innocent.
I will speak with this man on Sunday.  You will hear his story.  He has many supporters, yet there are those who insist he is guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted.

Also this weekend, the federal government insists it will pass legislation which takes away the opportunity for parole for individuals convicted of specific crimes, like the murder of a police officer.  There are those who argue parole must remain an opportunity, no matter how remote, for anyone convicted of first degree murder.  That we’ve come a long way since the days of the death penalty.  That people change.  Today on Twitter (@theroygreenshow) I reminded about Alan Craig MacDonald.  He murdered a Halifax police officer, was convicted of murder, was paroled and murdered 21 year old Lynda Shaw of Ontario.  For years Lynda Shaw’s murder remained unsolved.  However, as DNA science evolved, MacDonald, who had committed suicide, was found guilty of the murder of Ms. Shaw through DNA from hair he had provided police following her death.
I’ll speak with former crown attorneys Scott Newark and Jeff Manishen about the ‘no parole’ for specific murders law the federal Conservatives are bringing to parliament.  We’ll include your calls.

Emma Paulsen was today sentenced to six months in prison over the deaths of six dogs in her care in British Columbia last year.  Paulsen left the dogs unattended in her truck where they died of heat stroke.  I have no empathy or sympathy for Paulsen.  She had been, according to media reports, warned about leaving dogs she was caring for in her truck as she went about her business.  The dogs had been so desperate and full of panic that the National Post reports a veterinarian said four of the six resorted to ingesting stuffing from the dog bed left in the truck.
Did Emma Paulsen want the dogs dead?  No one believes that.  However, she dumped their bodies in a ditch and then, after declaring them stolen from her truck, participated in a search for the six dogs.
Visit my Facebook page, ‘The Roy Green Show’ and read my post of today about dogs and what they mean to those of us who share our lives with them.  I received an email after I tweeted about Paulsen’s prison sentence.  A line from the email reads “Come on Roy, they’re just dogs.”

Trust you’re having a good week and that you’ll join us Saturday and Sunday on the Corus radio network from 2-5pm (Eastern time).


Thu, 22 Jan 2015 13:00:25 +0000
Roy Green

We’ve experienced a challenging week with my wife’s battle with cancer.  Things appear mostly under control now, but I’ll be taking this weekend off.  Thanks to everyone at Corus for being supportive, particularly Gord Harris, executive producer of the show and AM640 Toronto Brand Director.

I understand my friend Charles Adler will be hosting this weekend.  The show couldn’t be in better hands.

I’ll be back the weekend of January 31.

Sun, 18 Jan 2015 18:27:57 +0000
Roy Green

Yesterday on air I shared my thoughts on why the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad should not have been published.  Not in 2006 by the Danish newspaper and not by Charlie Hebdo.  There was immediate and much response on air and by email. Because of the interest in the issue I’m going to repeat my thoughts on today’s program.  In the meantime, what I said is posted to my Facebook page (The Roy Green Show).

Also today, high school grads in the U.S. are entering university with a grade 6/7 reading ability and maybe grade 8 skillset in math. That social promotion plan is really working great, eh?
I’ll speak with Professor Sandra Stotsky from the University of Arkansas who is very outspoken about this.  As far as Canada’s high school grads are concerned, how are we doing?  Professor Ken Coates from the University of Saskatchewan joins me and if you’ve head Ken Coates on the show previously, you know he does not pull his punches.
Michael Zwaagstra, Manitoba high school teacher and co-author of What’s Wrong with our Schools and How We can Fix It will join us as well on Michael’s call to get rid of the No Zeros marking policy.

Six police cruisers pulled up outside the home of the parents from Maryland who permitted their children, ages 6 & 10 to walk to the playground unaccompanied by an adult.  The parents are being investigated for neglect. Our Hockey Moms panel will engage on this and we’ll have our honourary U.S. Hockey Mom Lori Levar Pierce join us.  Lori allowed her then 10 year old son to walk to soccer practice unaccompanied (she could almost see the soccer field from her home window).  it didn’t take long before a police officer was issuing a threat of investigation for child neglect to Lori.  What’s your view?  We’ll ask.

My friend, Vancouver lawyer Scott Taylor (valued contributor to the show) believes Dalhousie University should not expel the 12 or 13 male Dental School students who on Facebook wrote to each other about having “hate sex” with female classmates.  I’ve seen some of what they allegedly wrote to each other and I disagree with Scott.  We’ll talk about it on air and include your calls.

Also the university professor who surveyed 86 university-age male students about sexual opinion.  37.1% said they have had intentions to force a woman into sexual intercourse. That should really get your attention.

Join us today on the Corus radio network.

Sat, 17 Jan 2015 18:14:16 +0000
Roy Green

In hour 1 today I’ll tell you why I feel this way and have expressed this view for years.  My point does not infringe on Freedom of Expression.  In fact, it supports how we apply and how we self-censor, or self-regulate Freedom of Expression each day of our lives. All of us.

Marc Burleigh of Agence France Presse will begin the show today with the narrative of what has occurred in Belgium this week as anti-terror police attacked a terror cell which we’re told was about to go into action.  There have been arrests in France and Germany as well.

A 68 year old New Brunswick man stands criminally charged because he, during an alleged burglary by three individuals and while the 68 year old was under physical attack, used a gun to defend himself.  He shot one of the alleged assailants in the leg.  Now he faces potentially longer prison time that do the individuals who attacked him.
Lawyer Ed Burlew who handles gun-related criminal charges laid against Canadians who resort to firearms as a final means of self-defence will join me and we’ll include your calls.

We’ll revisit the RCMP gun, post-2013 flood seizure in High River, Alberta.  This after I was contacted by a High River resident who will also be on the show.  The RCMP gave me either the first, or one of the first interviews on that contentious issue.  I’ll play back what the RCMP Sgt said at the time.  You will want to hear this.

Lorne Gunter, Sun News contributor who has chronicled High River joins us.

From Dubai, Muhammad Robert Heft of the Paradise Forever Islamic Centre in Toronto and Mubin Shaikh, author of Undercover Jihadi will be on the show speaking to what the past 10 days in France and Belgium may mean as far as any terror threat in Canada is concerned.

And the Beauties are back.  If you’re an about-to-be ex-employee of Target Canada we’ll want to hear from you.   And there are some marvelous examples of how politicians both got in the way and out of the way in 2014.

That and more on today’s show.

Thu, 15 Jan 2015 21:48:31 +0000
Roy Green

Today in Belgium anti-terror raids carried out by police resulted in the deaths of two and serious injury of a third individual.  Reports are 10 homes of individuals, returned from Syria, were set to engage in, according to Belgian prosecutors, “attacks on a grand scale.”

At this juncture Belgian authorities say they are working to determione if there was a connection between the raids and the assaults on CharlieHebdo and the Jewish supermarket in Paris which resulted in the deaths of twenty, including the terrorists.

The prosecutors also indicated they have under detention a Belgian man suspected of providing guns to Amedy Coulibaly, the attacker on the Jewish supermarket.

ITV news reports “Belgium has the highest rate of jihadists who have fought in Syria in the past four years than any other European country.”

Last weekend one of my guests was Colonel Steve Day, the former Commanding Officer of Canada’s JTF2 military special forces unit.  Colonel Day said the terror attacks were always a matter of “when and not if”.  We were talking about the attacks which took place in Canada and claimed two members of our military Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo at that point in our conversation.  You may listen to Colonel Day’s interview with me in the podcast section of this web page.

Listen to our Corus radio stations for up to the minute information on developments from Belgium and any additional news from France.

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