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Listeners need not read his resume to know that Roy is a passionate advocate for the average Canadian, with an unshakable desire for justice and a deep and abiding love for his country. No wonder Roy’s show has been cited by Canada’s parliamentary newspaper as required listening for federal politicians.

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Thu, 21 Aug 2014 21:10:31 +0000
Roy Green

ISIS has declared war on the United States and the West.

On Tuesday, ISIS cold-bloodedly executed American journalist Jim Foley.  Yesterday, the President of the United States, Barack Obama responded to the ISIS beheading of Jim Foley.  Briefly.

Obama’s presentation before news cameras was another example of facility reading from teleprompters.  However, how truly engaged was Barak Obama about the murder of Jim Foley, considering his presentation, like the one of last week, appeared to be little more than an inconvenient stopover on the way to the first tee?

The President’s words (and I’ve read a transcript several times) are clearly speechwriter stuff.  The kind of emotion churned out on millions of greeting, birthday, get well and condolence cards.  The only thing missing to complete that picture is the rhyming.

Barack Obama shows such little resolve at engaging ISIS the way ISIS is prepared to engage the U.S. and the West on wonders whether the President simply adds to the allure of ISIS to would-be recruits.

Obama’s philosophy appears to be “speak softly and carry no stick.  Unless it’s a golf club.”

Remember his Syrian “red line”?

Perhaps if Mr. Obama were to follow the example of British Prime Minister Cameron and end his vacation in order to address issues and crises which require the input of the President of the United States of America, his words might resonate.

It is difficult to take the man seriously.

So much is about optics.  Yesterday, as I watched Mr. Obama speak, I wondered if he was wearing golf shoes at the podium.

Does Barack Obama cheat on the golf course?  I don’t know.  I do know he’s cheating his responsibility as Commander in Chief, a title he clearly enjoys reminding everyone is his.

Mere minutes after expressing national public condolences to Jim Foley’s parents the President of the United States of America, the “Commander in Chief”, was engaging in fist-bumps and yukking it up with his buddies.

A suggestion, Mr. Obama?  On the occasion of your next public response to a national and/or international crisis or disturbing event, why not just have the Secret Service bring a microphone and teleprompter to the first tee?

You’re welcome.

Sun, 17 Aug 2014 17:32:03 +0000
Roy Green

Our Hockey Moms weigh in on the Oregon woman who insisted on ingesting marijuana while pregnant and against medical advice.  We’ll include the adoptive mother of a “meth baby” whose birth mother used methamphetamines during her pregnancy.

Reverend CL Bryant,, radio talk show host and former NAACP Chapter president in Texas, with Ron Miller, Ass’t Dean at Liberty University and commentator will speak to the Ferguson, Missouri developments and we’ll take your calls and hear your assessment of what’s happening in Ferguson.

A panel of listeners will engage on the issue of depression/suicide, following our segment on Robin Williams’ death on yesterday’s show.

I’ll speak with Frank Burroughs of the Abigail Alliance about the issue of making developmental drugs available to patients who need them.  Mr. Burroughs’ 21 year old daughter Abigail died of cancer, while being denied a developmental drug which may have proven beneficial to her.

and medical ethicist Dr. Arthur Caplan joins me to speak to the issue of making developmental drugs available to those in real need, like Ebola virus patients in Western Africa.  The WHO has said it is ethically acceptable to do so.  Does that open the door for patients with other terminal illnesses to demand access to developmental drugs?

Sat, 16 Aug 2014 15:32:48 +0000
Roy Green

In my earlier posting I indicated that Katie Hurley attempted to take her own life.  I want to correct that.  Katie Hurley did not attempt to take her own life, but writes from the perspective of the survivor of suicide.  Ms. Hurley’s father took his own life.  I do believe that people who speak about such tragic circumstances in their personal lives are doing so with the objective of reaching out to those who are facing depression and may have spoken about suicide to friends or family.  That’s real courage.
I will speak with Katie Hurley in Hour 1 of today’s program.


Sat, 16 Aug 2014 13:42:37 +0000
Roy Green

Katie Hurley is a well-known writer and blogger.  She is a wife and Mom and survivor of a suicide attempt.  Katie joins me today to speak about her experience and offer advice to us all concerning how to respond to a friend or family member who is in depression and/or speaking or hinting at suicide.
Dr. Frank Farley (People’s professor on his Psychology Today blog) will offer thoughts on the mental health aspect of taking one’s own life.  Dr. Farley told me yesterday in a pre-show conversation that there are far more questions than answers.
I’ll have a direct question for you as well.

Is your internet connection slowing down, or are you unable to connect with some of your favourite sites? There’s a reason and Carmi Levy will explain what’s going on (@CarmiLevy).

Tony Stewart, three time NASCAR champion who killed a fellow driver last weekend in a sprint car race is receiving harsh criticism from the father of Kevin Ward Jr., the driver who lost his life when Stewart’s car hit Ward.  I’ll be speaking about the possible “big legal challenge” Stewart may be facing with the sports columnist who write the article.
There’s much opinion on the events leading up to Kevin Ward Jr. losing his life.  What’s your feeling?  If you’re a race fan, a NASCAR fan, a racer yourself?  Tony Stewart is known for having temper issues, but intentionally hitting a fellow driver, which some seem to be suggesting, with his car over what took place on the track last Saturday evening?  I can’t see any way that would have been what was in Stewart’s mind. Tempers flare in races and in all racing formats, but not to such an extreme I would argue.

What has to be done about ISIS, from the perspective of Western nations?  Two prominent Muslims, one a former member of a terror group join me to share their thoughts.

And the cousin of Winston Blackmore, against whom polygamy charges have been approved talks about her time at the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C.

That’s some of what’s on today’s show.



Wed, 13 Aug 2014 14:29:12 +0000
Roy Green

Not only was Robin Williams a brilliantly funny comedic talent, but his one man shows should be required viewing for all in media engaged in the delivery of opinion.
Robin Williams may have instinctively understood what issues or individual news stories resonate publicly.  Some events are so obvious it would require an absence of paying even fundamental attention to miss them.  There are though the ‘other’ stories we hear and which barely nudge the needle for us.
Robin Williams brilliance was his unrestrained assessment of the former, while weaving the latter into his dialogue and doing it with such tempo we were still absorbing the first story while Robin was wrapping up the next.
Politically and philosophically I was often the polar opposite of Robin, but he demanded, through his assessments of social, political, religious and other observations that I examine my own points of view.
Did you watch the broadcasters interviewing Robin during the numerous video clips played back of the past two days?  They’re clearly enjoying the experience, but they are also listening.  In the trade we call it not just talking, but also having something to say.
I remain a huge fan of George Carlin and until fairly recently owned a concert album of Lenny Bruce, although I was a child when Lenny died.  George sounded acerbic much of the time, while Lenny seemed to be challenging authorities to come down on him for his on-stage language, which they did with regularity.
Robin though never sounded angry, at least to me, or delivered a line with the intent to make a listener cringe.  Robin Williams taught his lessons and delivered his commentaries behind a genuine smile (we can tell the difference between the manufactured and the real thing).
I’m not nearly qualified to offer a public opinion on why Robin Williams would choose to end his own life.  I prefer to leave that to others.
Robin Williams was so much more than a great entertainer.  He was a thinker who required his fans to engage in thought with him. Robin Williams was a wonderfully natural commentator.
To the new generation in the ever-developing communications industry I will offer this advice.  Watch and listen to Robin Williams.  You will learn something of real value.  I still do and am still trying.
I hope Robin knew how much we truly appreciated him.


Sun, 10 Aug 2014 17:17:20 +0000
Roy Green

Israel will today, through Yigal Palmor, spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry speak to its actions against Hamas which have resulted in many civilian deaths in Gaza.  Yesterday when I spoke with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, Dr. Barghouti stated Hamas does not use human shields which Israel steadfastly maintains is exactly what Hamas is doing.  Dr. Barghouti also said Hamas does not fire rockets from buildings housing civilians, while reporters have recently said they saw rockets being fired from such buildings.
Clearly, the divide remains significant and how does Israel see a meaningful and lasting ceasefire achievable?  I’ll ask Mr. Palmor.  There has also been friction between the Obama administration and that of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, with Mr. Netanyahu reportedly having told Mr. Obama “don’t ever second-guess me again.”  I’ll ask the spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry about the relationship between Israel and the U.S. at this point.

The fight against Ebola is ramping us as international health organizations are directing funds and personnel at this growing emergency.  We’ll play back for you my interview with Peter Schleicher from the International Red Cross in Monrovia, Liberia, where the President of that West African Country has declared the Ebola outbreak to be a national emergency.  Peter Schleicher told us that in the seven days between our on-air conversations his estimate is that the Ebola crisis in Liberia has doubled in its threat.  Is it a global health emergency?  The World Health Organization says it is.

I’ll talk to Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong from Toronto, author of The Art of Medicine: Healing and the Limits of Technology will speak to the issue of speeding up the process of making the largely untested anti-Ebola drug ZMapp widely available.  Not that easy.  It’s not in pill form and the company which invented ZMapp is quite small.  There is the issue of whether or not a drug should be made available without extensive testing protocols complete, even in a health emergency.

The Islamic State (ISIS) continues to terrorize the population of much of Iraq and threatens the Western world.  Now ISIS is the subject of limited U.S. air strikes, but people on the ground are saying that’s not nearly enough and that President Obama is doing exactly what Isis wants to see done.  The U.S. air strikes will make ISIS more attractive to would-be jihadists, is the theory.  I’ll be speaking with Col Peter Mansoor who was the executive officer to General David Petreaus in Iraq during the military surge there.

Is it over for Tiger?  Missed the cut in the PGA Championship.  Only the fourth major cut missed in his tremendous career. But maybe it’s time to hang ‘em up.   I’ll talk to Lorne Rubenstein, author of Moe and Me, and member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame about Tiger’s future.

Canadians are well educated, but frequently their jobs don’t relate to their university educations. What’s going on?  Professor Ken Coates, co-author of “What to Consider when you’re Considering University”.  Ken Coates has previously said on the show that university students far too frequently chase degrees which will have nothing really to do with creating and sustaining a successful career.  Fighting words.  We’ll take your calls as your liberal arts degree does exactly what for your career choices?

And we’ll start the show with Tanya Oliva of Vancouver who took ‘mat leave’ when she bought a new puppy.  Over the top?  Tanya says “no” and since 80% of Americans told pollsters they consider their pets to be like family members, I’d say Tanya will receive a great deal of support.
Ms. Oliva also found that her new puppy had serious medical issues and that the breeder from whom she’d bought her pup had been convicted of animal cruelty in the U.S. and had been accused of operating a puppy mill where his dogs were treated very badly according (puppies left in their own feces) to the Washington State humane society which brought the charges against the breeder and his wife.  The breeder told media that he wasn’t a puppy mill operators.

We’ll get into what needs to be done about puppy mill operators.
Joining Tanya Oliva, will be Dr. Stanley Coren, psychology professor Emeritus at UBC and international dog judge and author of terrific books like “Born to Bark.”

Follow me on Twitter @theroygreenshow


Sat, 09 Aug 2014 17:11:35 +0000
Roy Green

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has moved to its highest alert activation on the West Africa Ebola virus outbreak.  the CDC director says “it will be a long hard fight” to end the Ebola contagion. Three of the West African nations attempting to deal with the Ebola virus within their borders are having huge difficulties and the Liberian President has declared a national state of emergency, while the World Health Organization has declared the outbreak an International Public Health Emergency.
I’ll be speaking with Peter Schleicher of the International Red Cross from Monrovia, Liberia,
Dr. Jay Keystone, tropical diseases expert at Toronto General Hospital will talk about the Ebola virus itself and I’ll be asking you for your thoughts on Donald Trump’s “KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE” tweet re bringing Americans with an Ebola infection to the U.S. for treatment.

We’ll speak again with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, from Gaza, as the fighting has begun again between Israel and Hamas.  Tomorrow, the spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry will join me from Israel.

How concerned should we be about the terror threat posed by the Islamic State group in Iraq?  Will speak with Scott Newark, former Security Advisor to the federal and Ontario governments post 9/1l.  Scott is also going to wear his former Crown Attorney hat and speak to a Canadian justice story you’ll want to hear and what a British judge had to say about Victims Impact Statements.  We weren’t supposed to ever hear what the judge said.

Former FBI special agent and the FBI’s chief hostage negotiator Chris Voss will also speak about the danger posed by the Islamic State group in Iraq and assess the value of the U.S. strategic bombing of I.S.

And do you know what UFC is and who GSP is?  If not, ask your kids.  We’ll let you know and speak to UFC Canada director Tom Wright, former CFL Commissioner, and hear Mr. Wright’s assessment of the brawl between Jones and Cormier in Las Vegas.

Some of what’s on today’s show.  Remember to follow me on Twitter: @theroygreenshow.

Wed, 06 Aug 2014 14:09:32 +0000
Roy Green

More than a billion passwords and logins hacked from inside Russia.  Don’t know about you, but while where the hacking is done is of significance, what’s more directly important to each of us is that our personal online protections are clearly vulnerable.  Not only that, but also the security of organizations with which we do business and which also have on record important personal information about us.  Is changing our PW’s and logins of significant help in protecting the information about us online?
Are you restricting what you do and don’t allow about yourself to appear online?  We can’t keep everything personally secure because governments agencies have so much information about us on file and government agencies have been targeted successfully by hackers.

Alison Redford stepped down from the Alberta legislature.  My question is, what took so long?  There really was no opportunity for the former Premier to continue as an MLA.  Questions about Ms. Redford’s expensing and use of government aircraft will continue, particularly in light of the report by the provincial Auditor General.  An insistent opposition Wildrose Party will keep the focus on Redford.

The Ebola crisis in West Africa continues to grow and assurances by health care professionals the virus does not pose a direct threat to North America are being met with at least some skepticism.  A question I see repeatedly is “what if the Ebola virus mutates into a form which is transmissible by air”?   No time for panic, but it is time to ask just how prepared our medical systems are globally to defeat significant viral and bacterial threats.

Eugenie Bouchard losing in the opening match of the Rogers Cup in  Montreal was a disappointment, but there had to be some Wimbledon final loss fallout.  No worries about Eugenie.  She is a superb talent and she will win Grand Slam events.

Hope you’re having a good week.


Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:21:12 +0000
Roy Green

ahead to this weekend’s show topics, Mark Yost joins me on the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War I.   Mark is usually our ‘business of sports’ contributor, but he’s also a military historian who spends much time in Europe visiting the battlefields of World War I and World War II. Mark has written extensively about the wars and battles. His blog is  Mark will be, for the next four years, updating the blog with to the date references to battles and other significant events of World War I.

World War I and particularly the Battle of Vimy Ridge are viewed as the moment in history when Canada came of age.  The Canadian troops, under the command of Canadian General Arthur Currie, were able to accomplish what neither the British, nor French military had been successful at doing, namely, defeating well dug in German troops at Vimy Ridge in northern France.  It took four days of fierce fighting and thousands of casualties (dead and wounded), but the Canadians prevailed and wrested Vimy Ridge from the German army.  Arthur Currie was knighted by King George V.

Fri, 01 Aug 2014 15:22:32 +0000
Roy Green

these are some of the issues we’ll be covering on this weekend’s program.

On the Ebola virus issue we’ll be speaking with a Toronto infectious diseases doctor about any concerns we may have about Ebola making a significant impact in Canada.  We’ll as well be speaking with an international health organization representative on the ground in Monrovia, Liberia, where the national government has said it has lost control of the Ebola situation.

A UN representative in Gaza will speak to the continuing fighting between Israel and Hamas.  That will be Chris Gunness, spokesperson for UNRWA.

With Israel’s position, I’ll have the Israeli Ambassador to Canada, Rafael Barak joining me.  This will be on Saturday’s show.

The Vancouver Parks Board has voted to no longer permit the Vancouver Aquarium to breed its captive whales and dolphins.  The vote was unanimous.  I’ll be speaking with the Board Chair Aaron Jasper, as well as former Vancouver Mayor and former B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt, as well as take your calls.  Is this an overreaction by the Parks Board which significantly hampers good work being done by the Aquarium?   Or is it a sensible vote?   We’ll turn that discussion over to you in a call-in segment

Another mother taken away in handcuffs and jailed for allowing her seven year old son to walk to a neighbourhood park in Florida. She is charged with child neglect, a felony. I’m sure that my mother and all my friends mothers would have been criminally charged also under this type of thinking because they allowed my friends and me to leave home in the morning, be out on our bikes all day (checking in for lunch at someone’s home) and then heading back home at the time expected.  Yes, I know police say there has been criminal activity at the park.  Well, how about addressing that criminal activity if you’re the local constabulary?

I’ll be interviewing a husband and wife team much in the news.  We’ll talk to an until recently U.S. Air Marshall who is not at all impressed with the program he just left.

Former Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s expense claims will come up for discussion.

Just some of what’s ahead this weekend.  Will have more details here and on Twitter @theroygreenshow and on Facebook:  The Roy Green Show page.

Sun, 27 Jul 2014 17:37:13 +0000
Roy Green

Today with the conflict in Russia-Ukraine, the Israel-Hams crisis, Libya increasingly violent with the U.S. evacuating its Embassy personnel from Tripoli and Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in the news, we have a panel of to speak to these and other global issues.
Dr. David McIntyre, Homeland security and terrorism expert at Texas A&M University, Dr. Christian Leuprecht from the Royal Military College and Queen’s University and whose specialities include national security, politically motivated violent extremism/terrorism and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and former U.S. Navy Lt. Commander join me.

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg (Cool It!) is one of the most listened to, talked about voices on the issue of Global Warming.  Dr. Lomborg joins the show today to speak to what he believes the solution to dealing with Global Warming is … and it isn’t carbon taxes in Dr. Lomborg’s view.

Scott Newark, former Crown Attorney and security advisor to the federal government will take on the new federal legislation which makes it a crime to leave Canada to fight a terrorist action overseas, the call by some in media for the right to interview Omar Khadr and is the national crime rate really significantly lower?

And we’ll deal with any concern among the flying public about safety in flying these days with the downing of airliners and the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
Janice is a 40 year flight attendant,  Captain Raymond Hall is a former Air Canada pilot and Chris Voss is a former FBI special agent and lead FBI hostage negotiator.  They all join me and we’ll take your calls.

Sat, 26 Jul 2014 14:12:26 +0000
Roy Green

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is the founder of and Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative.  Dr. Barghouti will be joining me live from Gaza at the beginning of Hour 1 of today’s program.  Dr. Barghouti ran for the Presidency of Palestinian Authority in 2005.

If you’re unable to hear Hour 1 of the show on your Corus radio network station, listen online at in Toronto, or any of our other stations carrying Hour 1 along the network on their ‘listen live’ online option.

Also joining us from Gaza in Hour 1 will be Christopher Gunness, spokesperson for UNRWA, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees.(

I will air interviews with guests who provide differing perspectives on the conflict between Israel and Hamas and the impact this conflict is having.

Last weekend I spoke with recently retired Canadian Major General Ed Fitch who strongly supports Israel’s position and actions.  Prior to that we spoke with the Washington bureau chief for Al Jazeera, Abderrahim Foukara and a Canadian-Israeli student who is also a member of the Israel Defence Force reserves.

Also today, a report requested by Toronto Chief of Police into the police shooting death of 18 year old Sammy Yatim of Toronto calls on police to have greater skills in dealing with persons under emotional stress and/or perhaps living with mental health issues.  Toronto criminal lawyer David Butt joins me (as he does frequently on criminal law issues) to speak to what the report further calls for.

The U.K. will be holding an inquiry into the death of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko in London.  He died of radiation poisoning after having tea at a restaurant with two Russian men, one also a former KGB officer.  The British government wants to determine with the Russian government was involved in the death of Litvinenko.
Alexander Litvinenko and Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky are co-authors of the controversial and banned in Russia book “Blowing Up Russia.”  Dr. Felshtinsky will speak to us today about the British inquiry and what’s going on on the border of Ukraine and Russia.  Dr. Felshtinsky has spoken to us on several occasions over the past months and states his view that Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s intent is to annex Ukraine and other former republics within the former USSR.

The issue of radicalizing of Canadian youth to Islamist causes, which then cause these young men, generally, to decide to head overseas to fight in conflicts such as the one in Syria is what I’ll speak with Imam Robert Mohamed Heft about.  Imam Heft is the founder of the Paradise Forever Centre in Toronto.

We’ll talk to Albertan Cindy Nichol, adoptive mother of 18 month old Christopher from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Unfortunately, foot-dragging by Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials is denying Ms. Nichol and her family from being united with Christopher in Canada, as the federal government refuses to issue an entry visa for Christopher although it appears there is absolutely no valid reason for CIC to do so.

And if you made $1.6 billion in one day, your name is likely Mark Zuckerberg and you founded something called Facebook. Your worth is now $30.3 billion and you’re 30 years of age.  Independent tech analyst and writer Carmi Levy @carmilevy (onTwitter) joins me as well on fantastic careers by young people with a vision for social media and other online ventures.


Sun, 20 Jul 2014 17:24:32 +0000
Roy Green

That’s what happened to one of our guests today who joins us from the U.S.  Lori is one of our Hockey Moms (although she’s in Mississippi) and she faced a police officer issuing a threat because Lori allowed her 10 year old son to walk to the soccer field from home, even though she could see him the entire distance.
We’ll be speaking to Lori’s experience, as well as that of Debra Harrell of South Caroline who faces a felony charge for unlawful conduct toward a child for allowing her 9 year old daughter to stay in a park while Mom went to work at McDonald’s.
When you were 9, or 10 years of age, were you attached to your parent(s) by a bungee cord?  It was other parents who called police on Lori and Debra Harrell.

Hockey Moms Michelle Olson, teacher and past president of Home by Choice and Helen Ward, President of Kids First Parents Association of Canada will be sharing their thoughts and we’ll open the phone lines.

Recently retired Canadian Major General Ed Fitch will speak to the Israel-Hamas conflict.  General Fitch, prior to the Vancouver Olympic Games had as his assignment the role of heading a fictitious terror group trying to defeat Canadian security at the Games.

Emma Czornobaj, found guilty of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death gave an interview to CBC in which she asked for no prison time.  This is before the judge delivers the sentence next month.  Smart move?  We’ll find out what one of Montreal’s most successful lawyers thinks when Julius Grey joins us.  And what you think of Ms. Czornobaj’s move.  She’s the young woman who stopped her car on a highway to assist ducks which had wandered onto the road.

Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal returns and will be his controversial, say it as he sees it, self.  So many requests for Gerald Celente on the show.

Kim Trehan had her purse stolen at a Vancouver food court.  Only one person tried to help.  The remainder did nothing, except later, when a news report revealed Kim’s purse had cost $5000, did she receive real attention and on social media where Kim was trashed for having such an expensive purse.  Really??  Why would this happen? I’ll talk to Kim Trehan and she will take your calls as well.

Some of what’s on today’s show.



Sat, 19 Jul 2014 17:18:42 +0000
Roy Green

all of the above and more on today’s show.

We’ll start things with the Senate and the 31 criminal charges brought against suspended Senator Mike Duffy.  We’ll focus on the impact the RCMP investigation and the federal Auditor General’s audit of Senator expenses is having on the upper chamber.  Long time Conservative Senator Bob Runciman joins me live.  He’s also a former Ontario cabinet minister in the Mike Harris governments.  Bob Runciman does post his expenses online.
Former Liberal MP Michelle Simson (@michellesimson) and Canadian Taxpayer Federation federal director Gregory Thomas ( will follow Senator Runciman on the show and then I’ll have a question for you to call in on….and it has to do with whether or not you believe it’s appropriate to include prison time for any MP or Senator found guilty of fraudulently claiming expenses.  The option exists for judges, but recently found guilty of defrauding taxpayers Mayor of London, Ontario, Joe Fontana was spared prison time.

I’ll play back for you an interview I recorded with my Corus colleague Richard Cloutier from CJOB in Winnipeg.  Rich spoke to me about RCMP Cpl Ken Barker  who last weekend committed suicide.  Cpl Barker was living with PTSD and was among the first police officers to arrive at the scene of the violent killing of Tim McLean by Vincent Li on the Greyhound bus.  Police were ordered not to enter the bus at the time.  Richard Cloutier went to high school with Cpl Barker and spoke with Cpl Barker’s former wife.

It’s a dangerous world and we’ll speak to that with a panel of four guests with different experiences.  From the Israel-Hamas conflict to the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines passenger jet over Ukraine, to ISIS violent in Iraq, civil war in Syrla and other global conflict, including concern Al Qaeda may have developed an undetectable bomb to place on airliners.
Joining me will be Col David MacIntyre, 30 years in the US military in airborne and reconnaissance units.  Historian Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky, international corporate security expert T. Lee Humphrey and former Air Canada Captain and Boeing 777 pilot Raymond Hall.

We’ll talk about sentencing for child killers in Canada. Child killers have been in the news from Bernardo, to Michael Rafferty, to the Montreal area father who received a 60 day sentence for killing his 13 year old daughter.
Douglas Garland is charged with second degree murder in the death of 5 year old Nathan O’Brien in Calgary.  Garland is remains presumed innocent, but I want to know where the line is between charging someone with first and second degree murder, also manslaughter.  When it comes to punishment for those who are convicted of murdering Canada’s children I see too much inconsistency.

Evelyn Thompson joins us.  Her five year old daughter Kimberley was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered.  Kimberley’s killer is walking the streets of Regina (at last word).  Please visit

Did a television reporter who spoke about “young black men growing up without fathers” really cross a line he should never have approached?  I’ll speak with two African American guests.  Reverend CL Bryant, producer of the award winning film Runaway Slave Movie and Liberty University associate Dean Ron Miller join me (

Calgary lawyers have issues with the police department for the ‘perp walk’ the subjected Douglas Garland to and lawyer Alan Pearse will speak to us about that from Calgary.

Some of what’s on today’s show.

Fri, 18 Jul 2014 01:10:23 +0000
Roy Green

298 innocents today became victims aboard the Malaysian Airlines jet shot down over Ukraine, immediately adjacent to the Russian border.

There is much conjecture over who is responsible.  Russian-sympathizing Ukrainian separatists supported by Russia’s Emperor-in-Waiting, one Vlad the Impatient, Putin, or Putin himself fuelled by an evident ambition to reconstruct if not the recently and largely unlamented, departed USSR, then the historic Russia ruled by the Czars.

Speculation about who is responsible for the carnage, for the vicious extinguishing of innocent lives, likely including children is difficult to avoid.

In the first hours evidence is sorely lacking, conjecture is available in abundance and theories are espoused and almost simultaneously discarded.

Over the days, weeks and months ahead perhaps, the picture will become more clear.  Even with the most incompetent occupant of the White House since Jimmy Carter residing on Pennsylvania Avenue, the truth will emerge.

Tonight, as you prepare for rest, give some thought to the passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight, including at least one Canadian I heard earlier was on board.  People probably much like you and me.  People flying for pleasure, for business, for any number of reasons.  People never suspecting that a madman, or a chain of madmen would initiate a series of actions which would see their airliner overtaken by a missile flying in excess of 2000mph (at least that’s the advertised speed) and the flames of their lives extinguished.

Hopefully, tonight, somewhere near the wreckage of the airliner, already picked over by ghoulish scavengers, the person or persons responsible for this barbarous act will at least for a moment rue the destruction for which they are responsible.

Hopefully, if they have children or spouses just like those whom they destroyed earlier this day, they will feel something akin to regret.


Sun, 13 Jul 2014 17:31:08 +0000
Roy Green

Allen St. Pierre is the national director of NORML (National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and joins me on air today, along with Kevin Oliver, Washington State NORML director; also marijuana retail sales licence holder, and Alison Holcomb Criminal Justice Director for the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington State.

We’ll have the perspective for Canadians who think Washington State’s law changes things here when criminal lawyer David Butt joins me.  And it doesn’t, but the way.

Al Jazeera Washington Bureau Chief Abderrahim Foukara in Hour 1 on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, as well as three AJ journalists imprisoned in Egypt.  One of the journalists is a Canadian-Egyptian dual citizen.

We’ll talk World Cup soccer with Mark Yost and take your calls …and Carmi Levy @carmilevy on why he loves his job.  It’s pretty cool.  I love mine, by the way.  You?  We’ll have some questions for you…and we’ll hear about one of the most unusual jobs which can pay very very well and which you don’t need specific qualifications for.

Just some of what’s on today


Sat, 12 Jul 2014 17:24:06 +0000
Roy Green

Lyn Balfour forgot she hadn’t dropped off her 9 month old infant at her babysitter’s home.  The baby, Bryce, died of hyperthermia.  Lyn Balfour was charged initially with second degree murder and eventually tried on a manslaughter charge.  A jury of her peers found Lyn  Balfour not guilty.

Today Lyn speaks about her experience, wants parents to be aware constantly of their surroundings and works with the group

Lyn Balfour will share her story and take your calls.  Hour 2, today.



Thu, 10 Jul 2014 17:13:50 +0000
Roy Green

As a kid I was a soccer fanatic.  It was the game my friends and I played from early morning to the time of night the white ball was indistinguishable from the murky background and only when a few sharp “Owwww’s” echoed through the growing darkness and mothers would order us home would we reluctantly quit playing.

Two t-shirts, a couple of rocks, maybe if we could find them, two branches from a nearby tree would serve to define the gaol area.  Usually we’d have one goalie stopping balls from two teams of kids, making sure there was lots of driving for the goal.  if too many kids showed up for this game we’d play regular soccer with two goals and off we’d charge.

7-1? A cause for national mourning in Brazil, but not an unusual score for a pickup game among kids.  The better players would always stock one team and the cast-offs would do their best.  I know in today’s politically correct world some social analysts would determine the cast-offs are today suffering the emotional fallout of being, well, a cast-off.

Utter banal nonsense.  Kids have forever chosen teams for pickup games in this manner and in the absence of meddling adults will continue to do so.  I played on the good teams and the cast-offs and all I remember is that we had a lot of fun.  A great deal of shouting, a lot of scoring and disputes settled by flipping a coin we’d later use for an ice-cream purchase.

The players on World Cup teams used to have fun as kids before they became proxy armies for their nations in a global conflict know as the World Cup.

The 7-1 hammering of Brazil by the Germans?  Thousands of headline writers competed to determine how many different ways “Germany” and “juggernaut” could fit into the same ten or so words.  They completely ignored that the German juggernaut had barely squeaked by the non-juggernaut U.S. team, 1-0, tied Ghana and beat Algeria and France by one goal each.

In Brazil spirits were crushed, perhaps even more so than would be the case in Canada if were to be blasted out of the rink in a major international hockey competition in our backyard.  On Twitter (@theroygreenshow) I made reference to the USSR handing Team Canada a 7-3 pounding in Game 1 of the ’72 Summit Series.  Canada was stunned and if it weren’t for the scoring heroics of Paul Henderson, jamming home the winners in the final three games in the then Soviet Union, we would still be in emotional recovery mode.

I don’t watch soccer much any longer and have mostly ignored the World Cup, although proxy wars with combatants chasing a ball while the crowds roar, chant and work themselves into disproportionate frenzy is certainly preferable to the real thing.

Who will win the World Cup?  For my money (none) it will be Germany handling Argentina with relative ease.  That’s what confidence can and likely will do.

Then we can get back to caring about the CFL and analyzing rosters of NHL teams. We’ll soon be into NFL football, MLB is heading fairly quickly toward October, the Raptors will hopefully continue to improve their NBA performance and MLS should benefit from a World Cup bounce.

Germany 4,  Argentina 2 on Sunday (but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if the juggernaut is ultimately dismantled by Senor Messi and his pals).

The most memorable games?  Forever those great 8 hour matches my pals and I would engage in for the Neighbourhood Cup.

Mon, 07 Jul 2014 19:51:12 +0000
Roy Green

As you’ve heard on air, particularly during our segments on the “rights” of serial killer/rapist Paul Bernardo, said by the federal Minister of Justice Peter MacKay, to have rights the government of Canada cannot arbitrarily deny, such as contacting the London, Ontario woman who revealed last week her intention to marry Bernardo, here’s the email address of the federal Minister for Public Safety, Steven Blaney.  Mr. Blaney is responsible for Correctional Service Canada, which operates Canada’s prison system.

Senior administration of CSC has the option to deny Bernardo access to the general population of Canada, as former Crown Attorney Scott Newark revealed both yesterday (4:05-4:40pm EDT) and Saturday.  You may listen back to the segment, and/or download it in the podcast section of this website.

To contact the federal Minister of Justice by email, send your correspondence to:

Let the Ministers know your expectations concerning the “rights” of Paul Bernardo.


Sun, 06 Jul 2014 17:30:21 +0000
Roy Green

Margaret Wente wrote an excellent column on Airbnb, Hailo and Uber in the Globe and Mail earlier this week.  Margaret will join us to explain.  If you’re not a user of these services now, will you be tomorrow?  These are amazing stories of success, yet also very controversial with governments.

Michelle Simson was punished by the Liberal Party for being scrupulously honest with her constituents when she was a Toronto-area MP.  Today Michelle will speak to Rob Ford’s re-election hopes and we’ll hear from you.

B.C. has raised speed limits on selected highways to 120kmh.  Good first move.  Now get rid of the speed limits entirely and enforce the law based on …. well, tune in and find out and call in.  I’ll be speaking with Ian Tootill of

From the search for Kathryn and Alvin Liknes and their grandson Nathan near Airdrie, Alberta, the Calgary Herald’s Val Fortney will join me.  Police have a man in custody.

We’ll have more to say about Paul Bernardo and his rights …and listen again to an emotional reaction from a caller yesterday to the justice system which gives Bernardo rights.

One year since the Lac Megantic tragedy.  We’ll speak about what has changed as far as crude oil transport is concerned (by rail)

and Scott Newark returns to address the U.S. memo which apparently argues there was no legal case against Omar Khadr.

That and more today.

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