Roy Green’s resume is outstanding. He is a three time consecutive winner of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters national Gold Ribbon award, Canada’s most prestigious broadcast award.

Listeners need not read his resume to know that Roy is a passionate advocate for the average Canadian, with an unshakable desire for justice and a deep and abiding love for his country. No wonder Roy’s show has been cited by Canada’s parliamentary newspaper as required listening for federal politicians.

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Sat, 12 Apr 2014 16:58:34 +0000
Roy Green

As Canada mourns the death of Jim Flaherty, perhaps the most influential federal and provincial Minister of Finance, I’ll be speaking with former Ontario Premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves concerning their memories of Jim Flaherty and the special qualities he brought to public life.  There are many times we challenge MPs and their provincial counterparts and there were times during interviews I challenged Mr. Flaherty, but he never held a grudge and gave questions thoughtful and thorough answers.  He wasn’t just talking to me.  He was talking to Canadians through my program.  I remember thinking that about him.  A special man who deserved more from life and who earned the State Funeral he will receive next Wednesday.

The former head of security for Israel’s national airline El Al, Isaac Yeffet will join me on the continuing mystery into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  Now the story is Malaysian military officials, as well as air traffic control withheld data about the flight during the initial chaotic hours which in turn caused the international search effort to focus on the wrong area for a week.  Mr. Yeffet was also quoted as saying he believed Iran may have been behind the disappearance of airliner and that it was likely landed somewhere.  Other Israeli aviation security experts agreed in a story callred by the Times of Israel three weeks ago.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against the federal government’s C-24 Truth in Sentencing Act and the pre-trial custody value when it comes to actual sentencing.  Ottawa wanted a day in pre-trial to count for no more than a day from the actual sentence, where up to two days had been granted by courts.  Scott Newark, former Alberta Crown Attorney who helped draft the private member’s legislation C-393 for Conservative MP Gord Brown, which addressed pre-trial credits directly, warned on air several times that C-24 had loopholes the courts would discover. This week the SCC did exactly that.  Scott Newark will join us.

Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky, co-author of Blowing Up Russia, the book banned in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, will be back on the show today. Dr. Felshtinsky continues to warn Putin is moving toward a broad war and this year.  Putin just sent a warning letter to 18 heads of state.  Dr. Felshtinsky is back with us today.

What a week in the trial of Oscar Pistorius in South Africa.  Pistorius was in tears professing he did not know Reeva Steenkamp was in the bathroom into which Pistorius fired four shots.  The prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, was hard on Pistorius, essentially telling him he is a liar.  Neal Collins, sports talk radio producer and host is back with us from South Africa.  Neal is at Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk.

It’s B&B time with Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale.  Catherine was a friend of Jim Flaherty’s and she’ll speak about her friend the Minister of Finance and Linda remembers a particular gesture by Jim Flaherty which showed the real humanity of this man.  We’ll also get at what the president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said about the work ethic of Canadians vs temporary foreign workers.  Catherine is the Chair of the CFIB, of course.   And on tomorrow’s show Dan Kelly, CFIB president joins us and takes calls.

And there’s a moment which a friend saw develop at a local Timmie’s which has wondering what you’ll say when I share that information with you.

Join us today on the Roy Green Show.


Fri, 11 Apr 2014 15:41:11 +0000
Roy Green

Jim Flaherty, as I knew him as a member of Canada’s media.

The relationship between politicians and members of the media, particularly opinion/news media, often is uneasy.

We in media probe for the story behind the story, for possible agenda-driven initiatives and the politicians response ranges typically from aggressively defending their positions to honest attempts to explain and answer questions.

It’s also unfortunately true that those in political office are prone, and sometimes for lengthy periods, to ignore requests for interviews.

Since the passing of Jim Flaherty yesterday I have thought about the man I knew as an Ontario and then federal cabinet minister.  About the relationship we had and about the respect I always felt and continue to feel for Mr. Flaherty.

He invariably agreed to interviews when I asked and when he declined because of a scheduling conflict I didn’t question.  I believed Jim Flaherty.

We spent time on the phone and in-studio.  The Irish charm spoken and written about so much over the past 24 hours was present in all our meetings.

Jim Flaherty was committed to his vision and his objectives, but he explained why he chose the direction he’d selected and patiently answered questions, not becoming edgy or defensive when the questions became direct and of the digging variety.

Canada was fortunate to have Jim Flaherty serve both the people of the nation and the province of Ontario.  The relative financial security of Canada during the massive recession which threatened to topple the global economy some six years ago had many in the rest of the world speaking Mr. Flaherty’s praises and efforts were made to emulate his stewardship of Canada’s finances and fiscal policies.

I will miss Jim Flaherty’s courtesy and generosity of spirit in private discourse, as well as in public office.

He served Canada and the people of this nation in an absolutely honourable manner.

We could ask no more.

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 15:44:25 +0000
Roy Green

QC Liberals won, but is sovereignty over in Quebec?  As I last night watched the results pour in and in short order recognized the absolute destruction of the PQ at the polls, I was glad my oft-stated prediction of a 2015 referendum on sovereignty proved incorrect.

Incorrect mainly because the Parti Quebecois, under the leadership of Pauline Marois died of electorally grossly self-inflicted ‘gum-shot’ wounds.

However, even with the Liberal majority government which now affords Premier-elect Couillard at least four years at the helm, I looked at the sovereignty reality still showing  on the electoral board.  The PQ?  Decimated.  The separatist movement?  Hardly.

For many unwavering sovereignists the Parti Quebecois isn’t sovereignist enough and at least some of them bled to Quebec Solidiare.

The PQ itself will lick its wounds and regroup to be heard from again.  The party is not without youthful supporters and the fight to succeed Marois will be intense, making the mud-slinging of the election campaign seem tame by comparison.

Then there’s the CAQ.  Remember, that party is led by a former PQ cabinet minister (and at the time cabinet colleague of Pauline Marois) who offered to take the referendum issue off the table not for good, but for ten years, if elected.  I never quite bought into that promise, suspecting there were some ‘exceptions’ to the commitment.  So keep in mind the CAQ is led by arguably a sovereignist in, let’s call it, ’delay’ mode.

There there’s the absolute separatist Quebec Solidaire.  Only 3 seats last, but with a growing profile in the province and a fair bit of media attention.

What I’m writing here is yes, the Liberals won and with a majority government, but the three remaining political parties in the Quebec legislature are either pronounced and dedicated to the cause of separatism, or again, separatists with a long range objective.

Good luck Mr. Couillard.  I’m glad you won.  As someone said to me this morning, at least the convoy to Ontario is standing down.



Sun, 06 Apr 2014 17:08:29 +0000
Roy Green

I’ll be speaking with Tom MacEachern whose wife Cpl Leona MacEachern served in Canada’s military for 23 years.  Cpl MacEachern developed PTSD, at least partly the result of “protracted battles” with Veterans Affairs Canada over medical benefits.

On Christmas Day, 2013, Cpl MacEachern committed suicide by driving her car into the path of an oncoming transport truck.  Following her death, VAC sent a letter demanding repayment of a portion of her December, 2013, disability cheque (she died six days before the end of the month).

Last Thursday, Tom MacEachern addressed a parliamentary committee and he will speak to us about that experience and his also significant concern about the level of mental health support available in Canada.

I’ll also be speaking with a senior test pilot for the F-35 fighter plane program.  Is the F-35 the correct replacement for the CF-18?  Is it ready?  Will it be?  There are serious concerns about the plane and they have been raised by the Pentagon and addressed by President Obama.  At the same time, Senator John McCain calls the F-35 the greatest fighter plane in the history air warfare.

I heard from a listener/mother following our segment last weekend about the colour red being banned by some schools globally as far as marking tests is concerned, because red is too “aggressive.”  Judy will share her story and how her son quit on his education because there was no expectation for him to succeed.  Judy practiced tough parental love and then had the school principal go behind her back.   We’ll be including your calls and experiences with your kids and their education.

Just some of what’s on today’s show.

Very busy show today and we’ll include your calls.

Sat, 05 Apr 2014 16:39:20 +0000
Roy Green

Monday will mark the first anniversary of the passing of Rehtaeh Parsons.  Her parents Leah Parsons and Glen Canning have taken a lead position in speaking about their daughter and urging Canadians to become engaged in the issue of societal awareness of sexual assault.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and today Glen Canning is participating in a walk to continue to raise public awareness of sexual assault.  See Glen’s website,

Unfortunately, some individuals have decided to attack Glen Canning and describe Rehtaeh in deplorable terms.  You may read a posting from Glen on his site.  I’ll be speaking to Glen Canning today in our first hour about Rehtaeh, about Glen’s determination to honour his daughter and about a comic which will engage Canada’s school students, while reminding them of who Rehtaeh was and how they can make a difference in many ways, including cyberbullying.

We’ll also speak to two Canadian military veterans. Captain Sean Bruyea (ret’d) who will be appearing before a parliamentary committee this coming week.  Captain Bruyea has much to say and his experience with Ottawa is one you should be aware of.  Visit .   Cpl Bruce Moncur is back with me (his widely read article, Canada I fought for you and you let me down, is available online and easily found through any search engine).  Cpl Moncur will be introducing a new challenge for Ottawa pertaining to the massive wounds he suffered in a ‘friendly fire’ incident in Afghanistan. Veterans Affairs Canada may want to familiarize themselves with the term ‘Sanctuary Trauma’.  Bruce Moncur is about to introduce ‘sanctuary trauma’ in his challenge of how he has been treated by VAC (a $22,000 cheque with no explanation) and as Bruce has shared on air, he is classified as is a soldier with migraine headaches.  The difference between Bruce Moncur and a soldier with migraine headaches?  Bruce lost 5% of his brain in ‘friendly fire’ incident which involved a U.S. A-10 fighter plane attack on Bruce’s platoon.

We’ll speak to the Quebec election campaign.  Monday Quebecers vote and while the Liberals are in the lead according to today’s Leger poll, the PQ still has a lead among Francophone voters.  How will Monday shape up?  I have three guests joining me.  Alexandre Meterissian, consultant at Hatgley Strategies in Montreal and co-founder of the Prince Arthur Herald, an online news publication updated daily and founded over university student frustration with the regular ‘news’ fare which was being distributed at the university level in Quebec.
McGill University political science professor Daniel Weinstock joins me, as does Montreal lawyer and PQ nemesis Brent Tyler.  Brent has challenged the French language primacy laws all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.  We’ll include your calls and my question for you will be Is this year’s Quebec election more important to Canada than next year’s federal election?  I think there’s a case to be made that it may well be.  Depending on what happens in Quebec on Monday, the Quebec election may wind up dominating the agenda for next year’s federal go-round.

So, almost all of us in the ROC are opposed to Quebec leaving confederation, but what case can you make for keeping Canada united?  What is uniquely Canadian and helps define us?  I’ll be asking … and sharing a non-Canadian’s view of Canada which went viral.

Since it’s Saturday, it’s also Beauties and the Beast time with Catherine Swift, Chair of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Linda Leatherdale, VP Cambria Canada and independent business journalist at

So join us … and let’s hear your views.

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 18:47:09 +0000
Roy Green

Wasn’t so long ago the current federal government seemed thrilled when soldiers spoke out.  After all, the Conservatives had rescued the military from the so-called Decade of Darkness under Liberal governance; and things were bad under Jean Chretien for many of the members of Canada’s military.

You may recall the substandard housing concerns, the fact some soldiers were so economically challenged they took night shifts at supermarkets bagging groceries in order to supplement their incomes.

Search and rescue crews were flying helicopters older than their crews and when a memorial service was held for the crew of an ancient helicopter was killed when the aircraft crashed, Mr. Chretien didn’t find the time to attend the memorial service for that crew.

Now the Conservatives of Stephen Harper are justifiably on the hot seat for the manner in which they are (according to members of the military you have heard on my show and whose conversations with me are available on the podcast section of this website) are dealing with members of the military living with PTSD and other mental health issues.

Tomorrow I’ll have two former members of our Armed Forces join me to speak to the personal challenges they are dealing with, and specifically, to the fact that Afghanistan mission military veterans receiving assistance from the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) may not share their “views on any military subject” and may not “write anything that might discourage others or make them dissatisfied with the conditions of their employment.”  An addendum to the federal lawyers court argument the current federal government has no extraordinary obligations to Canada’s men and women in uniform, dismissing the speech by then PM Sir Robert Borden, prior to the momentous WWI Battle of Vimy Ridge, during which Canada’s military distinguished itself.  Prime Minister Borden’s presentation was described by the lawyers as another political speech.

Well, next week a parliamentary committee will be hearing from veterans, but we won’t have to wait that long.  Two Canadian military veterans will join me live in the first hour of the show.

To deal with the question of special responsibility to Canada’s fighting men and women of the military by Ottawa?  Yes, Ottawa does have a special responsibility and should be proud to support these men and women who are willing to lay down their lives for Canada.  Many homes in Canada are quiet tonight as they continue to grieve the loss of their loved one who proudly answered the nation’s call to arms in Afghanistan.

I suggest each parliamentarian who is of the opinion no special relationship and/or obligation extends to the current and future federal governments on behalf of the current and future members of the Canadian military do two things.  Read Sir Robert Borden’s speech carefully and visit a family who lost a loved one while that loved one was wearing a Canadian military uniform while in combat in Afghanistan.

More about the weekend’s show lineups tomorrow and Sunday.


Sun, 30 Mar 2014 16:55:46 +0000
Roy Green

Professor Jane Kirtley, media ethics professor at the University of Minnesota joins me today.  I found international media coverage of the families of passengers and crew of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, at the moment the families were informed (some by text) that their loved one were dead to be deplorable.  Is that what we want as media consumers?  Let’s talk.

The colour red is out as far as marking grades for kids in school is concerned.  One English school made headlines this week, but it’s going on much, much longer, with in some cases parents demanding the exit of the red as the marking colour.  Too “aggressive” for kids is the complaint.  I’ll be talking to U.K. educator and Chair of the Campaign for Real Education, Chris McGovern and you about this one.

Saskatchewan mother Fran Forsberg joins me to speak to her appeal to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission to have gender removed from the birth certificate of children.  Her child Renn, who is six years old, self-identifies as a girl, but the Vital Statistics Agency in Saskatchewan refuses to remove gender from birth certificates.  This is a more complicated issue than many might think.  Pediatricians say children self-identify their gender between the ages of 18 and 30 months.  Listen to Fran Forsberg today.

Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky returns.  The co-author of Blowing Up Russia, banned in Russia, continues to say Vladimir Putin’s intent is to start World War III and Dr. Felshtinsky compares Putin to Hitler.  Viktor Litvinenko, the other co-author of Blowing Up Russia was murdered in London, and three members of the Russian parliament who were to engage in publicizing Blowing Up Russia were also killed.

We’ll be joined by Tyler Cohen Wood, cyber branch chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. on her book “Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the online Pretenders, Predators and Perpetrators Who are Out to Ruin Your Life.

and the L.A. earthquake.  Is it a predictor of something more nasty on the horizon?  I’l be talking to Canadian international earthquake expert Dr. John Cassidy.  Would the so-called “Big One” for Los Angeles reach out and cause damage in B.C.?  We’ll ask dr. Cassidy that question as well.

Sat, 29 Mar 2014 16:56:27 +0000
Roy Green

the speaker of the B.C. legislature, Linda Reid, has paid back, or is paying back roughly $5500 for a business class airline ticket she expensed to taxpayers in order to have her husband join her at a conference in South Africa.  Ms. Reid, when challenged, said “it’s a practice, what this place has always done.”  Really??

There’s more about now former Alberta Premier Alison Redford, as the CBC reports Ms. Redford, while premier, put in place plans to build a luxury penthouse ‘premier’s suite’ to be built in the Alberta owned Federal Building in Edmonton.  We’ll talk about that one as well, and joining me will be CKNW, Vancouver’s Sean Leslie, the CKNW bureau chief in the provincial capital of Victoria.  Michelle Simson, former Liberal MP who was punished for publicly sharing online her expenses joins us as well ..and I have a question or two for you.

We’ll get into the heart of the Quebec election with Christian Bourque, VP of Leger Marketing, the firm which has done extensive polling in Quebec on the election.  After Thursday’s leader’s debate on television, what has changed?  I’ll also be speaking with Daniel Weinstock, political science professor at McGill University and an Anglophone McGill student, Sean Beatty, who tried to register to vote in the Quebec election.  He met the qualifying requirements, but what happened to him?  He’ll share that story and I’m curious how many people in the rest of Canada even understand why it is considerable numbers of Quebecers so much want to separate from Canada.

That’s just a taste of what’s on today’s show.



Sun, 23 Mar 2014 17:29:09 +0000
Roy Green

This is something each Canadian should know about.  The True Patriot Love Expedition will leave Resolute Bay on April 21, of this year.  It is the largest expedition to the Magnetic North Pole in history and the expedition’s objective is to raise awareness of the physical and mental injuries that continue to impact members of Canada’s military even though our role in Afghanistan has come to an end.  The expedition will consist of 24 Canadian business leaders and 12 injured soldiers and will feature hockey legend Haley Wickenheiser.
“This expedition is part of True Patriot Love’s mission of bridging the disconnect between Canada’s military and civilian worlds”, according to Shaun Francis, Founder and Chair of the True Patriot Love Foundation. (
Listen today at 3:30pm (EDT) to Paul Desmarias III, Chair of the True Patriot Love Expedition and Bruno Guevremont.  Royal Canadian Navy (retired).  Former RCN diver and member of a Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal Team. He disabled an explosive strapped to a suicide bomber targeting the half-brother of the Afghan President.  Bruno Guevremont suffered PTSD, but is also part of the expedition, as is Mr. Desmarais.
You too can get involved with True Patriot Love Foundation and make a difference. Just visit their website and you’ll want to become engaged.

Sat, 22 Mar 2014 16:34:08 +0000
Roy Green

Today we’ll address the issue of what you believe Canada owes the men and women of our military who fight and are wounded or injured while serving this nation.  Federal government lawyers told a court in January that Canada has no special obligation to our soldiers.  That information came out on the same day Prime Minister Harper was welcoming the last contingent of Canadian soldiers home from Afghanistan.
I’ll be speaking with former Sgt. Major Barry Westholm who resigned from the military (and the Conservative Party) over the government’s treatment of veterans and soldiers suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues.

Also with me will be former Canadian soldier Bruce Moncur who wrote a widely circulated article about his experience as a severely wounded soldier in Afghanistan and how the government bureaucracy shoved him aside.  If you enter “Canada I fought for you and you let me down” into an internet search engine you’ll find Bruce Moncur’s story and experience. He lost 5% of his brain after being fired on by a U.S. A-10 Warthog tank killer plane which uses shells the size of a man’s forearm and fires them at a rate of 180 rounds per second.  Most of the members of Bruce’s platoon lost their lives.  Bruce received a cheque for $22,000 from the Canadian government and at one point classified him the same as another soldier suffering from migraine headaches.  Read Bruce Moncur’s column and listen to him on my show today. You may listen back in the podcast section on this website anytime.  Also download any segment you wish.

I’ll be speaking with the Calgary mother of a 22 year old Canadian born Catholic who converted to Islam and according to his family was radicalized and fought alongside Al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria where he was killed.  His mother has no death certificate and she and her 10 year old other son are deeply grieving their loss.  Reid Southwick of the Calgary Herald wrote a compelling story about this family and he will join the Chris Boudreau (mother) on the show today.

A PQ candidate who compared circumcision and baptism to rape remains a candidate with Pauline Marois refusing to drop Louise Maillieux from the PQ team.  Barbara Kay from the National Post is a Quebec resident, as am I, and we’ll talk about this.  Also, Marois finds herself constantly facing the referendum question to her clear dislike.

First-time home-buyers are facing large down payment requirements and are looking to families for support.  We’ll talk to the BMO mortgage expert about that and take your calls.

And it being Saturday, it’s B&B segment day with Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale.

Sun, 16 Mar 2014 17:37:01 +0000
Roy Green

I’ll be joined by Chief Ghislain Picard, Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador today, as Chief Picard will share with us the message he has for Quebec politicians who would carve up the country and the province.

From South Africa, the Oscar Pistorius trial.  Neal Collins, South African broadcaster and writer joins me, as do former prosecutor Scott Newark and Jeff Manishen, who was a Crown Attorney and now is Hamilton defence lawyer.  I believe in the fundamental right of a person to plead “not guilty” and that plea to be fairly heard.  But Oscar Pistorius?  This guy bothers me.  We’ll talk about a prosecutor’s responsibility and that of a defence lawyer and take calls.  Have you ever been charged with something you didn’t do?  Just one of our questions.

We’ll examine the new Alberta education plan which will see students find their own way and learn skills “for jobs which don’t exist yet”.  Yes, me too.  I also said “what”?
Great panel and calls.

Scotland is going to assign a state guardian for each child.  You read right.  The word from the U.K. and our Hockey Mums panel will weigh in.

And the Malaysian jetliner mystery seems to become greater by the day.  Former FBI hostage negotiator Christopher Voss and former Air Canada Boeing 777 captain Raymond Hall.

That’s some of what’s on today

Sat, 15 Mar 2014 16:21:18 +0000
Roy Green

A comprehensive Leger poll published in the Globe and Mail shows 69% of Quebecers want less talk about sovereignty during the provincial election campaign.  Would the PQ have a mandate to hold another referendum by winning the April 7 election?:  54% of Quebecers say “no”.  29% say “yes”, which leaves what, 17% undecided?
I’ll talk to Leger VP Christian Bourque about the poll.
Barbara Kay, columnist for the National Post and Quebec resident and Brent Tyler, Montreal lawyer and member of the Special Committee for Canadian Unity will join me to take your calls.  As you know, I also reside in Quebec.  What does the rest of Canada have to say to the PQ and Premier Pauline Marois’ suggestions this week that Quebec leaving Canada would be like a piece of cake…and we’d all choose the icing of our preference.

We’ll address the mystery of the missing Malaysian Boeing 777, which increasingly looks like it was targeted by hijackers or as the Malaysian Prime Minister said, was diverted deliberately.  I’ll be speaking with former CIA officer Clare Lopez and former Air Canada Captain and Boeing 777 pilot Raymond Hall.

As the Maple Leaf flag was lowered for the last time in Afghanistan, the question becomes “was the sacrifice worth it”?  “No”, writes Douglas Wissing in his book Funding the Enemy.  Doug Wissing was embedded with U.S. troops and interacted with Canadian forces as well.  It was the first war with no front lines, but rather was fought in a 360 degree circle writes Doug Wissing.  He challenges the politicians and Generals rosy picture of how Afghanistan will develop and has great concern for the men and women in uniform who fought (and in many cases multiple missions).  You will want to hear Douglas Wissing.

Melissa Moore is the author of Shattered Silence.  Melissa was 15 when she found out her father was a serial killer who had murdered eight young women.  She began to live a make-believe life, until her own daughter asked a very poignant question.  Today Melissa Moore is a television producer and commentator, has appeared on Oprah and Good Morning America and will share her story with us.  Melissa will also speak to a letter published this week by Peter Lanza, the father of Adam Lanza who killed twenty children and six adult staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

We’ll be joined by Alberta MLA Len Webber who on Thursday left the PC government caucus over the expense-spending claims of Premier Alison Redford.  Is Premier Redford out of the woods re her billing of taxpayers?  Who knows? Mr. Webber will share his thoughts on all of this.

And since it’s Saturday, it’s Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale and our weekly Beauties and the Beast segment.

Mon, 10 Mar 2014 15:14:31 +0000
Roy Green

In 1995, while the question of the Quebec referendum on staying within, or leaving confederation drove us all to the emotional brink (as it were), I was living and working in Ontario, with my show airing in Hamilton and Toronto.

This time, I find myself living in Quebec and will experience the coming weeks of the provincial election and what follows first-hand here in QC.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts and observations with you and will be keenly interested in hearing your views and your comparisons to how you feel now, vs your emotions in ’95.

Sure, an election has yet to be fought and won, but it looks like the PQ certainly has the upper hand as far as polling numbers are concerned.  From there, I doubt very much that it will take long for Mme Marois and her government to drive hard for a referendum on sovereignty.  They won’t want to make any economic mistakes, or significant mistakes at all because that would cause Quebecers to see the PQ under a different light.

Stand by for updates both on the show and here and share your views as well.

Thanks to Jeff and Rob for taking care of the show these past two weekends.

Thu, 27 Feb 2014 18:03:29 +0000
Roy Green

Will be back on air Saturday-Sunday, March, 15-16.  Until then I do have limited access to email at

Fri, 21 Feb 2014 12:14:22 +0000
Roy Green

By now you’ve likely heard that a McGill University student and member of the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU) posted a faked video of U.S. president Barack Obama kicking at a door following a news conference.  The student, Brian Farnan, reportedly sent the video to friends in an attempt to provide relief from exams.  The caption, we’re told, read “honestly midterms get out of here.”

A complaint was lodged against Mr. Farnan, suggesting he had engaged in a racially insensitive act.  The result?  A written apology and an agreement to undergo sensitivity training.

Mr. Farnan’s act of forwarding the faked video (which Jay Leno had aired on The Tonight Show), was in his apology deemed to have maligned “people of colour, particularly young men, being portrayed as violent in contemporary culture and media.”  Farnan added “by using this particular image of President Obama, I unknowingly perpetuated this living legacy and subsequently allowed a medium of SSMU’s communication to become the site of microaggression; for this I am deeply sorry.”

The apology was distributed to 22,000 McGill undergraduates.

Microaggressions,as Graeme Hamilton writes in the National Post, can take many forms in post-secondary institutions of learning.  A professor at the University of California says he was last year accused of microaggression by minority students for correcting grammar and spelling in their dissertations.

Would it be another microaggression if one were to wonder what the professor should have done.  He is, after all, a professor of education.

I always believed universities were centres of critical thinking.  More, in at least some cases, centres of expected politically correct thinking it would appear.

Today we’ll talk about the issue of microaggression at the university level and hear your thoughts.

It appears there has been some considerable reaction among students at McGill to the Brian Farnan, SSMU, microaggressions incident, with many students challenging the SSMU.

A prominent McGill alumnus, Montreal Constitutional lawyer Julius Grey will join us.  He’s a former president of the SSMU and was himself accused of microaggression when during a speech at McGill, Mr. Grey called for the assimilation of ethnic groups.

Ron Miller is African American, an associate dean of Liberty University in the U.S.  HIs website is  Ron Miller will also join us to share his thoughts on microaggression.


Sun, 16 Feb 2014 17:54:55 +0000
Roy Green

I’ll be speaking with the editor of The Local (Switzerland’s news in English) about the slim majority decision by Swiss voters in a scheduled referendum that the Swiss government must begin to reduce immigration numbers from EU nations.  This isn’t going over well with the EU, or the Swiss federal government, but it has no choice.  The direct democracy system in Switzerland forces its government to adhere to the will of the people.
Meanwhile in Canada changes are taking place to the Citizenship Act, but our government is not required to consult with the people of Canada, much less follow the will of the majority.
Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland and former Canadian Ambassador Martin Collacott will join me and we’ll speak the changes taking place in Canada and which system would better serve this nation.  Direct democracy, or our current system.  B.C. voters, in a limited example of direct democracy, forced the provincial government to repeal the Harmonized Sales Tax in 2011, with just over 54% voting for that option.  Not every province has such a direct democracy tool for voters.

Last weekend, after we spoke about the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and about the fact almost nothing had been written about his death by apparent drug overdose, we received a call from Jay in Alberta.  Jay is a former drug addict who challenged conventional thinking and conventional approaches to dealing with drug related issues.  Jay is eloquent and challenging and I’ve invited him to join us a guest today.  Joining Jay will be Chris, also an Albertan and also a former drug addict who almost died from his drug abuse.  Chris has a story to tell.  He’s been clean since September of last year.  Chris started his drug use at age 14.  So what is it parents may not know about their kids and drugs?  Jay and Chris will take that on and take calls.

As the winter Olympics continue in Sochi, we start our quadrennial discussion on what sports should be dropped and what maybe should be added. We’ll do that on the show today with Mark Yost, contributor to the program on the business of sport and Mark writes for the Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated, and is the author of many books on sport and the biz side of sport.  My studio producers Kathryn and Chad will also share their thoughts.  What do twenty-something’s think should be dropped and added to the Winter Olympics?  And what do you think?  Phone lines will be open.

And a former producer of my show, also radio and television journalist, Karen Cumming is among the 75 Canadians and just over 1000 people world-wide to have made preliminary cuts to be astronauts for the Mars One Mission slated to begin colonization of the red planet in 2024.  It will be a one-way trip.  No coming home to earth is going to be possible. Why would Karen choose this?  I’ll be asking her and we’ll open the phone lines.

Sat, 15 Feb 2014 17:58:04 +0000
Roy Green

Quebec is poised to become the first Canadian province to permit a patient to request a physician assisted death.  Bill 52 comes up for final debate in the Quebec National Assembly next week.  Meanwhile, in Belgium, the law concerning euthanasia has been broadened to permit children (under 18) to apply for a physician assisted death. Doing so will require parental assent, as well as other steps to be followed, but while I’ve long believed for adults a physician assisted death can be the final act of compassionate health care, I do have concerns about children having the right to make this decision.  Dr. Udo Schuklenk from Queen’s University joins.  He is the Ontario Research Chair in bioethics at Queen’s and supports the Belgian decision.

Allan Schoenborn who killed his three children in 2008 and determined to be Not Criminally Responsible applied for supervised community absences from the psychiatric facility where he is located in British Columbia.  The Review Board which considers Schoenborn’s requests annually, recommended he not be permitted the absences even though a similar Board supported similar absences in 2011.|
I’ll speak with Stacy Galt, cousin of Darcie Clark and mother of the three children.  Stacy Galt attended the Review Board hearing as she has all such hearings.

We’ll speak to Missouri football player Michael Sam declaring his same-sex sexual orientation this week and the coverage and reaction to Michael Sam’s announcement. Brian Kitts, co-founder of the You Can Play Project joins me.  You Can Play was also co-founded by Glenn Whitman and Patrick Burke, son of NHL GM Brian Burke and brother of Brendan Burke who was also openly gay, but died in a vehicle accident in 2010.  You Can Play and the NHL work together on the issue of gay athletes in the NHL.
I’ll have some questions for you and we’ll play back the commentary from a Texas sports broadcaster concerning Michael Sam and gay football players in the NFL.  The commentary has gone viral online.

Teens are taking selfies with the homeless which are demeaning to homeless men and women.  This follows a selfies campaign at funerals and “serious places”.  I’ll speak with Jason Feifer who originated the Selfies at Serious Places, at Funerals, and with the Homeless for a specific reason.  Some of the selfies are repulsive, the others I’ve seen raise many questions.  We’ll hear what you say.

A father of 3 children under the age of 5 regrets having his children.  We’ll have that story and your comments and it being Saturday, it’s our B&B feature with Catherine Swift and Linda Leatherdale.  Sitting in for Catherine today will be former Liberal MP Michelle Simson

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Roy Green

On the issue of drug addiction, Chris has confirmed he will be joining Jay (both from Alberta) on the issue of drug addiction and what life is like when death could be at the end of your next encounter with drugs.  It’s the second hour of Sunday’s show.

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Roy Green

Emails I’ve received since we last weekend spoke of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death of an, it has been suggested, heroin overdose, has been critical of the fact I challenged that nowhere on online sites could I find a commentary which was critical of Hoffman’s apparent drug addiction.  Instead, it was a series of non-stop eulogies.

That Mr. Hoffman was found with a needle in his arm and heroin nearby was immaterial to those writing the comments about Hoffman’s passing.

At the conclusion of the segment we received a call from Jay in Alberta.  Jay identified himself as a long-time (and previous) drug user.  Jay challenged the conventional wisdom on warning youth away from drugs and didn’t pull any punches in sharing with us his previous severe drug addiction and what it did to him, almost costing Jay his life.

Jay is eloquent and direct.  I’ve invited him to return this Sunday and speak again to the issue of drug abuse, drug addiction.  I’ve also invited several other listeners who sent emails of their lives with drugs, or who had drugs impact on their lives.  So far, no word on whether or not they will participate on Sunday’s show.

However, I have been reading emails arguing addiction is a disease.  Really?  Like Coronary Artery Disease, maybe?  I live with CAD, and I’ll tell you right now, there’s no relationship between drug addiction and CAD.

Unless it’s someone living with fetal alcohol syndrome, or something very similar of which I am not aware, when you’re talking about drug addiction, you’re not talking about disease.

Addiction is a behaviour.  A voluntary behaviour.  You decide whether or not you’re going to become and remain an addict.  An addict to alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs.

A person with a real disease isn’t going to assault an innocent individual in order to obtain, say, heart meds

As for the view that legalizing mind and behaviour-altering drugs is the humane and sensible way to deal with drug addiction, how could anyone sensibly reach such a conclusion?  Such legalizing of such drugs is giving in and enabling.

Be sure to listen Sunday.  I don’t know Jay personally, but what we heard from him during his call last Sunday and what he’s shared with me by way of email this week suggests we have good reason to hear what he has to share.


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Roy Green

The coroner’s inquest into the death of 5 year old Jeffrey Baldwin at the hands of his grandparents now serving life in prison for second degree murder of the little boy heard a great deal of information this week.  That’s exactly what happened in Manitoba in the inquiry into the death of five year old Phoenix Sinclair, murdered by her mother and mother’s boyfriend, also serving life in prison.  What needs to kept in mind is that the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in Ontario is the agency which turned over little Jeffrey to his grandparents, after the grandparents had already been convicted of child abuse and in Manitoba, the Commissioner of the inquiry into Phoenix Sinclair’s murder said of Child and Family Services “files were opened and closed, often without a social worker ever laying eyes on Phoenix.”

Today we’ll play back for you an interview I aired last October with Esther Buckareff, director of the film Powerful as God and we’ll hear from Sue, an Ontario mother who emailed about her very challenging year dealing with CAS.  Have you had an experience with CAS, or their equivalent?

We’ll touch base again with Tessie Painter in Fort Worth, Texas as her search for Jay from Toronto, who Tessie met in New York City last Thursday and felt an immediate emotional connection to, reciprocated by Jay continues.  Tessie has an email address for Jay to contact her on.  It’s  I’ll ask you if you’ve ever experienced one of those electrifying moments when you met someone you immediately connected with.

Craig Thullner is a on-air host at Rock 101, our Corus station in Vancouver and Craig posted a challenge on his Facebook page to all of the eulogizing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, without any challenge to the fact the actor was found with a needle in his arm, dead of an apparent heroin overdose.  I’ll talk to Craig and ask you for your thoughts. I’m inclined to agree with Craig, who writes he had an 8 year experience with depression and addiction.

The Stock Markets have been doing an impression of a roller coaster and alarming investors (many) this past week.  Tom Caldwell is the Chairman of Caldwell Securities with seats on the NYSE and TSX.  Tom will explain what is going on with the markets.

And 50 years ago this evening the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show making their U.S. TV debut, with 74 million watching.  I’ll be joined by Jude Southerland Kessler, author of the 9 book John Lennon Series.  Jude has researched John Lennon and the Beatles for the last 30 years.  Do you consider the Beatles the most influential rock band ever?  I’ll open the lines.  If it’s not the Beatles, then which band would it be?

Some of what’s on today’s show.




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