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  1. Hello,

    Would I be able to get some information regarding the employment specialist? Sorry I missed the show today and a friend could use an advice.


  2. geez Bill Carroll on TTC has been talking about this for 20 years. TTC=take the cab, TTC=take the car.But the TTC operators attitude and deportment have really run amok from urinating on a subway station wall to fist fights amongst streetcar drivers these are incidents that do not get video taped from a cell phone. Hey these guys and gals are now getting in the mid $30 an hour the quality of work goes down while the wage goes up? Yes I know 90% of TTC people are A-! but 10% of 8500 that’s 850 rogue employees. Our city council still thinks of TTC like its 1970s trouble is those glory days over and may never come back unless action taken now!

  3. ANDY FROST THANK YOU Hey buddy the season is coming to a close and wanted to take time to really salute the good job you do at CORUS and as the best P.A. announcer in the N.H.L. well done sir hey there should be an award for this in June with rest NHL awards in Vegas. It has been a rough year for Leafs to say the least and yes according to wikkipedia they are now under 500% entire franchise and all there awards are in black and white photos hopefully Shanny will turn this around have a great summer Andy!!

  4. As to a 10 year old child giving birth. Abortion aside, is this 10 year old physically able to have a child. She may have conceived but can she safely carry a baby to term and deliver. Women have children when their bodies have gained enough fat and energy for a healthy pregnancy and hips that have widened enough to accommodate the delivery

  5. PLEASE, could you consider someone like Roy Green to do the 4:PM – 7:PM time slot. Bill is as boring as hell and in no way is the show entertaining. I have to turn the station at 4pm, as I enjoy talk radio and have to find it elsewhere during this time.
    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my rant.

  6. I have a solution to the teachers causing a problem like strikes and work-to rule and whatever else they may do. Why doesn’t the government make a deal with the parents by having an on-line education in which they will have professors of math, science, etc to teach online. They could program these lessons to run on a 24-hour basis to run anywhere from around the world and at standard times. Then, guess what. No more strikes EVER.

  7. I thought this might be of interest. I flew Air Canada two weeks ago and upgraded to business class at the 24 hour check-in, it cost around 500.00. Once i was on board, i was told that i could not have the business class meal as i had upgraded and not paid the full business class airfare. After a complaint to Air Canada they then said that 24 hours was not enough time to stock the business class cabin with enough food. Hmmmmm….. so the point of the upgrade was what….

  8. WOW McArthur, can you find anymore bias a guest to bash PRIME MINISTER HARPER.

    Have some freaking credibility and get a un-partisan and unbias guest.

    And for the record Prime Minister Harper has tried to abolish the senate AND tried to make it electable and both times been stopped by the supreme court of Canada and Quebec.

  9. Bill, the problem with telling them is they have drank the Kool Aide of the NDP.
    When the Alberta election was on I tried to show friends and others the real history of the NDP in Canada and the response amazed me.

    I was told point blank that the history of the NDP in Canada doesnt matter. We need to look at Norway for how it will work this time.

    And thats the problem, the CBC, Star, Global, CTV, ect will not call the NDP on their history and policy calls.

  10. Just want to say hello from Bristol, UK. I listen everyday as fascinated by Canada and especially Toronto, so wonderful to be part of the audience. Nothing like AM640 in the UK.
    keep up the entertaining work.