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Cyclist Charged in Durham Collision
An Oshawa man has been charged by Durham Regional Police following a collision on Monday morning. It's alleged the man was riding his bike along a sidewalk near Simcoe and John Streets, when he entered a crosswalk and then struck a vehicle. The cyclist suffered only minor injuries despite the fact he wasn't wearing a helmet. Charges against the man include riding a bike the wrong way on a one-way street, along with riding in a crosswalk....
STAFFORD|Moose, Deer & Wild Turkeys, Oh My!
A class-action lawsuit for people injured in moose-vehicle collisions that was filed against Newfoundland & Labrador was dismissed recently. According to the judge's decision via the CBC here, "the people who put the class action lawsuit together argued there is evidence of serious negligence in the research by officials, leading to an "irrational" policy or one that was made in bad faith." "However, Judge Robert Stack said there is no evidence to prove that moose population management or...

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