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Economist Ranks Toronto as Best City in the World
The Economist is calling Toronto the best city to live in the world, according to a new "Safe Cities Index 2015." The rankings highlight Toronto's overall economic performance across a number of factors, including safety, liveability, democracy, and global food security. Toronto rated in the top 10 globally in every category, excluding one: cost of living. Toronto instead clocked in at a plunging 70th. When it comes to safety, Toronto trails Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Stockholm, Amsterdam,...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS | She Never Met "The One".. So She Married Herself!
A woman has married herself after failing to find the man of her dreams before turning 40. Yasmin Eleby, from Houston, Texas, tied the knot in a purple gown earlier this month, surrounded by her closest friends and family. As one cannot legally marry one's self in America, the ceremony was spiritual rather than legal, conducted by three ministers, one of whom is Ms Eleby's sister. You can see photos of her wedding here. If you failed to meet "the one", would you consider doing what Yasmin...

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