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$1.1B Police Budget up for Review
Just as Ontario's teachers were forced to do under a new contract, members of Toronto Police may also be set to lose out on banked sick days. The Toronto Police Services Board will put their budget before the city's Budget Committee on Thursday. Yearly, TPS eats up the largest part of the budget, with the figure growing steadfastly, however an across the board cut of 2% has been requested by Mayor John Tory. Salary increases have hit the service hard over the last several years, including...
STAFFORD - Powdered Milk for Inmates
Powdered milk will soon be served to prisons in all federal institutions. Although this change in dairy delivery will save $3.1 million, it does not impress the official opposition in Ottawa. NDP MP Réjean Genest was quoted in the latest edition of “La Terre de Chez Nous” as saying he hates the taste of dried milk so much he doesn’t even put it in his coffee. He finds it lacks “decency” to serve it to criminals. What does the NDP say to a 15-year-old or his single mom earning minimum...

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