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Toronto Brothers Arrested in Ajax Failed Robbery
Durham Regional Police have now charged two Toronto brothers following a botched robbery involving an armoured car. On December 10, the suspects, wearing disguises, are alleged to have ambushed two guards who were on site of a bank in Ajax, spraying them with bear spray. The suspects fled with no cash. Search warrants were carried out at residences near Kennedy & the 401 and Sheppard & the 404 on January 19, leading to an arrest of one brother; the second brother was arrested a...
McArthur|7 Calls! What's The Worst Thing You Have Ever Eaten?
KFC’s Double Down Dog is as real as it is terrifying. The hot dog wrapped in a fried chicken patty is currently a special promotion that’s only offered in the Philippines. It's packed enough with calories and sodium to make your heart stop. Mmm, yum! What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?...

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