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Tune in After Tonight's Game To Have Your Say!
Tune in After Tonight's Game To Have Your Say!
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February the Coldest on Record in Toronto
If it felt that this February was especially punishing in the city you weren’t wrong. Not a single day has the temperature been marked at above freezing at Pearson Airport, something that hasn’t happened in Toronto since 1978. The city of Toronto issued 23 extreme cold weather alerts and broke the record for overnight lows. Despite usually receiving close to 20 millimeters of rain in February the city, received none....
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - Could Porn Be Keeping You From Getting Married?
A new study has found that the more porn a man watches the likely hood of him being married goes down. Marriage rates have been decreasing since the 1970's, long before porn was easily available online. But this study found that increased internet usage has a negative impact on getting married. With the internet people can get all the information they want quickly and that has an effect on our social lives. We no longer need to leave the house to catch up with a friend, if people are spending more...

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