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AUDIO: What Is Malignant Liposarcoma Exactly?
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Mayor Ford May be Released from Hospital this Week
Mayor Ford may be able to leave the hospital this week. He will be checked over by his team of doctors who will decide whether and when he can be discharged. Ford has finished his first round of chemotherapy to treat a rare from of cancer called liposarcoma. He begins a 18 day rest period, prior to starting a second round of chemotherapy.      ...
Should Employees Have To Pay For Their Work Uniform ?
  Walmart recently decide to change its dress code for workers and is expecting said workers to foot the bill for the new uniforms. Needless to say, Walmart employees are not happy about being told how to dress and furthermore, having to pay for it causing labor activists to get involved. The new code states workers must wear a white or blue collared shirt, black or khaki pants, along with their Walmart vest, which the company provides. Employees are allowed to wear clothes they already...

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