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Another Ford Attempts to Eliminate Land Transfer Tax
It was back in 2010 when Rob Ford spoke before the Toronto Real Estate Board, promising to bring an end to the municipal Land Transfer Tax. 4 years ago, Ford explained that the tax "hurts young people and seniors" and claimed it to be "unfair." 4 years later, another Ford sat before the same board, detailing the exact same speech, save for a few minor tweaks. Doug Ford addressed the room today, promising to get rid of the tax over an extended period, starting with a 15% reduction each year...
Only Boys Are Heroes, But Girls Can Date Them!
Do you think these onesies are offensive? University of Waterloo professor Christine Logel does. She found these onesies while on a shopping trip at Target recently. She snapped a photo, uploaded it to Facebook. She said that "Sadly, I was not surprised. I have come across things like this before, but I expected better of Target." The CBC tells us here that "Logel posted the photo on her Facebook page, hoping to attract attention to what she felt was a troubling message. A fellow professor,...

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