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One Arrested in connection to Junction Car Fires
The Toronto Fire Department says Fire Marshals have been called to assist in a suspicious investigation after two cars were lit on fire in the early morning on Saturday. Officials were called to 477 Keele Street where they extinguished the fires. Police say the fires didn’t cause any significant damage to the vehicles. “It was just a minor fire where they tried to light two cars on fire. The officers came upon it as he was attempting to do this.” Police have arrested one suspect in...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - The Best At Being The Worst
In a study conducted by ESPN Toronto's own Maple Leafs were ranked last among sports franchises in North America.  The rankings based on fan surveys as well as financial analysis looked at factors such as ownership, coaching and stadium experience.  Out of 122 teams the Toronto Maple Leafs came dead last and the NBA's Antonio Spurs came in first.  Do you think TML deserves their position?  How do you feel about the Maple Leafs' franchise? See where the other Canadian teams landed here....

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