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Not "Ford Square" but "Ford Fan Zone at Maple Leaf Square"
Was it a change of heart due to a political backlash or misinformation from over-enthusiastic reporters? Officials with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment say that Maple Leaf Square will not be re-named "Ford Square" in conjunction with a corporate branding deal with the automaker. Instead it'll be called the "Ford Fan Zone at Maple Leaf Square." When the "Ford Square" name was initially leaked last week there was a backlash by those claiming people would think it was named after Mayor Rob Ford. MLS&E...
Should Netflix, Google Cave To The CRTC Ultimatum?
The CRTC has taken offense to Netflix and Google’s (which owns YouTube) refusal to hand over information about their Canadian subscribers at their hearing in Ottawa just over a week ago. The CRTC is now threatening both Netflix and Google to hand over information about their Canadian subscribers by Thursday or else the broadcasting regulator will remove their presentations from the public record and will shut them out of the policy process altogether. Essentially, this will appear on record...

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