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Teen Charged in Markham Stabbing
A 16 year old boy has been charged with attempted murder following a stabbing at the Swaggat Banquet Hall Thursday night. The teenage victim was attacked in the bathroom of the facility. He was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries but has since been stabilized. Witnesses at the scene were able to identify the man responsible for the assault. Officers located the suspect within the crowd and placed him under arrest without further incident....
STAFFORD | Holiday Season Music
Dave Bidini, of Rheostatics, declares in his column in the National Post that The Pogues "Fairy Tale Of New York" is the best Christmas song. He states that it reflects a real Christmas for some, not the fantasy sugarcoated holiday. It's a powerful and sad song, which is why it's Britain's top song, year after year. What Christmas song do you have to hear and what song are you sick of?...

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