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NORAD is Tracking Santa Clause Overnight
Billions of dollars in advanced aerospace equipment is being used tonight to monitor old St.Nick. For nearly 50 years NORAD has been monitoring Santa Clause as he travels around the globe on Christmas night giving out presents to good little boys and girls. #Santa must be checking out the British Antarctic Survey while he’s over the South Sandwich Islands! #NORADSanta — NORAD Santa (@NoradSanta) December 25, 2014   This year NORAD is going digital with up to the minute tweets...
HONICKMAN for OAKLEY: Is Paying Back The $10K An Admission of Guilt?
Under pressure from opposition parties, the Liberals have pledged to repay $10,000 billed to the taxpayers from the alleged scrubbing of computer hard drives in former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office. Is this act enough to absolve them of deleting the files in the first place? Is this an admission of liability here, by paying back the taxpayers?...

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