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2 Vacant Homes Torched in Pickering
Firefighters in Durham were called to a possible arson at 2 vacant homes on the Pickering Markham town line Sunday night. Police would only say the cause of the fire is being investigated but they have 2 people in custody. They say no one was injured in the blaze and the fire Marshall has been called in to investigate....
HONICKMAN for OAKLEY: Should Dalhousie Be Asking These Women For Remedy Suggestions?
Dalhousie University has distributed a questionnaire to the fourth-year female dentistry students targeted in the misogynistic Facebook comments made by some of the male students. They're asking the students to explain the impact of the remarks and suggest remedies to the incident. Should the university be asking female students (arguably, the victims) what remedies should be implemented? Should those women decide what should happen to the male students who posted these remarks?...

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