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WiFi Access Coming To More GO Stations
The pilot project conducted at 14 GO stations and terminals turned out to be a success. Metrolinx has announced it will be expanding free WiFi to 22 additional GO stations and terminals starting February 2, 2015. The 31 remaining GO stations will be connected in the final phase of the launch later this year. "We’re bringing free WiFi to our stations to make it even more convenient to take GO Transit. Whether it's free Internet access while you wait, an easy-to-use mobile GO website, or...
McArthur | New Powers Coming To CSIS, Does it Go Too Far?
New powers are going to be given to CSIS. The expected new powers would allow CSIS agents to obtain court orders to: cancel plane or other travel reservations made by Canadians suspected of wanting to join the Islamic State or other extremists groups overseas, block any financial transactions linked to suspected terrorist activity. intercept shipments of Canadian-made equipment or material to Canadian individuals or groups that could be used in an attack, switch, or make suspect equipment being...

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