MON: Ex-Premier Picks Pot & Transplant Denied
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Pan Am HOV Lanes Could Cost GTA Drivers Demerit Points
Drivers in the GTA will have to get used to sharing the roads with HOV lanes this summer when the Pan-Am games arrive. The Pan Am HOV lanes will be in effect from 5 a.m. to midnight from June 29-Aug. 18 on all major GTA highways. The plan is to allow Games officials, athletes and media to move more easily through the region’s gridlock. The HOV lanes can be used by anyone with a driver and at least two passengers in a regular vehicle. The new rules will be strictly enforced and anyone...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS | Does This Really Represent Canada?
Miss Universe Canada didn't have a problem with sticking out (literally) during the Miss Universe National Costume Show on Wednesday. Our nation’s contestant,  Chanel Beckenlehner, 26, took to the stage in Miami in an elaborate hockey-themed costume — complete with hockey stick wings, a Stanley Cup hat and a working scoreboard.  The costume is supposed to represent a key element from each contestant’s represented countries. Does this costume really represent our country?...

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