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Tim Hortons Cuts Front Office Staff
Less than two months after Canada's iconic coffee chain fell into the hands of a foreign company, the axe has swung. Tim Hortons has announced that pink slips were drawn up on Tuesday, and handed out to staff at the company's Oakville headquarters. On Monday, reports suggested that upwards of half the 1.700 employees may have been in jeopardy. The move, according to a company statement, is a part of its overall reorganization following the takeover that was approved in late 2014. As...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - RBC Poll Indicates Parents Don't Want Help With Retirement
RBC discovered in a recent poll that 72 per cent of Canadians aged 18 to 34 say they owe it to their parents to keep them comfortable in retirement.  But the boomers aged 50-69 answered back with a whopping 76 per saying they want to take care of themselves financially.  According to the poll, part of the reason for the older generation's view may be due to their belief that their children's generation faces more financial pressure and are less prepared for retirement than themselves. Read...

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