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Toronto Brothers Arrested in Ajax Failed Robbery
Durham Regional Police have now charged two Toronto brothers following a botched robbery involving an armoured car. On December 10, the suspects, wearing disguises, are alleged to have ambushed two guards who were on site of a bank in Ajax, spraying them with bear spray. The suspects fled with no cash. Search warrants were carried out at residences near Kennedy & the 401 and Sheppard & the 404 on January 19, leading to an arrest of one brother; the second brother was arrested a...
McArthur|Would You Allow Strangers Into Your House to Pee for a Fee?
Airpnp is a hot new app in which you can use a stranger's bathroom for a small fee, thereby forgoing the public bathroom when you have to go ... Would you sign up for this service? Would you allow strangers in your house to pee for a fee?...

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