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Canadian Journalist Could Be Released from Egypt “Within Days”
Al-Jazeera Canadian Mohamed Fahmy may soon be on his way home. Fahmy along with Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste have been arrested and charged in Egypt for allegedly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. Fahmy was sentenced to 7 years in jail for his supposed involvement. Today,  Australian national Peter Greste was released after 400 days in captivity due to a presidential decree. Authorities in Egypt claim that Fahmy will also soon be deported after he renounced his Egyptian citizenship. The...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS | Do You Find Your Children Boring?
Mother-of-two Catherine Cooper, a freelance journalist based in South West France and London, said it's natural for adults to find the repetitive nature of children's games a complete bore. She said: 'You're a grown woman, with different interests to a child. Small children love repetitive games. It might be delightful to play peek-a-boo at first but not 300 times later.' Catherine, whose children are now 10 and 12, said she's glad the issue is finally being debated as it's something she never...

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