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TTC CEO Wants Driver Review Sped Up After Teen's Death
The CEO of the TTC has asked for a comprehensive review of all bus and streetcar operator recruitment, training, re-certification and monitoring programs to be completed sooner, rather than later. The review was actually launched a few weeks ago after reports came in about TTC vehicles disobeying red lights. The TTC's Chief Safety Officer and Chief Service Officer will conduct the review and report back to the TTC board with their findings and recommendations. "The tragic death of Amaria...
STAFFORD - Designated Drivers
The barkeep slides down to the stool occupied by a particularly inebriated patron, informing him gently, but in no certain terms, that he's had his fill for the night. It's approaching 11pm on a cold Sunday in December. The customer grudgingly agrees to leave, and informs staff that his car is parked outside, though he's clearly too drunk to drive. So the doorman calls a cab. The taxi pulls up, the driver takes on look at the man stumbling from the front steps bound for the back seat and...

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