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Tune in After Tonight's Game To Have Your Say!
Tune in After Tonight's Game To Have Your Say!
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Mayor Tory Debates 2015 Budget with Executive Committee Monday
On Monday Mayor John Tory will be meeting with his Executive Committee to debate and hopefully approve the 2015 operating budget. Tory commented throughout the week that the budget process has been going smoother but that doesn’t mean members of the team won’t have some objections. The 10 billion dollar budget includes a lot of restructuring including a nearly 90 million dollar loan from itself. Some of the biggest cuts will be found in city planning, the ombudsman and the integrity...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - Could Porn Be Keeping You From Getting Married?
A new study has found that the more porn a man watches the likely hood of him being married goes down. Marriage rates have been decreasing since the 1970's, long before porn was easily available online. But this study found that increased internet usage has a negative impact on getting married. With the internet people can get all the information they want quickly and that has an effect on our social lives. We no longer need to leave the house to catch up with a friend, if people are spending more...

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