AUDIO: First Hand Acct. Of Cirillo Shooting
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Cirillo, Vincent chosen as 2014 Canadian Press Newsmakers of the Year
Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent have been named 2014 Canadian Press Newsmaker[s] of the Year. Twenty-four-year-old Cirillo was shot and killed at Ottawa’s National War Memorial on October 22nd, and two days earlier, 53-year-old Vincent was killed when he was run over by a man suspected of having jihadist sympathies. The decision rounds up editors and news directors across the country. "In a few short days in October, the deaths of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and...
McArthur|Should Social Media Be Used to Solve Cold Cases?
Serial is a crime podcast that features evidence and rumours about a 1999 murder of an 18-year-old Baltimore high school teen. The gripping first season sparked online discussion, backlash & several theories about what really happened 15 years ago. The series is over for the time being, but Toronto Police Detective Tam Bui has been inspired by the podcast and is rolling out clues and evidence about a local crime – the death of Michael Pimentel who was killed three years ago on New Years Eve....

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