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Go Transit Fare Increase Now In Effect
Go Transit riders will be noticing a slight increase for tomorrows commute, as a slight increase goes into effect today. After voting on the increase back in December, Metrolinx says the following fares will be increased: - a 10 cent increase on the minimum fare of $5.20 - a 30 cent increase on fares between $5.21 and $6.50 - a 40 cent increase on fares between $6.51 and $8.25 - a 50 cent increase on fares greater than $8.25 The increase also applies to children, seniors, and student...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS | Do You Find Your Children Boring?
Mother-of-two Catherine Cooper, a freelance journalist based in South West France and London, said it's natural for adults to find the repetitive nature of children's games a complete bore. She said: 'You're a grown woman, with different interests to a child. Small children love repetitive games. It might be delightful to play peek-a-boo at first but not 300 times later.' Catherine, whose children are now 10 and 12, said she's glad the issue is finally being debated as it's something she never...

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