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TTC CEO Wants Driver Review Sped Up After Teen's Death
The CEO of the TTC has asked for a comprehensive review of all bus and streetcar operator recruitment, training, re-certification and monitoring programs to be completed sooner, rather than later. The review was actually launched a few weeks ago after reports came in about TTC vehicles disobeying red lights. The TTC's Chief Safety Officer and Chief Service Officer will conduct the review and report back to the TTC board with their findings and recommendations. "The tragic death of Amaria...
Deb James For McArthur | Why Do Good People Get Bad Gifts?
Bad gifts are relationship land mines wrapped in a bow. You ought to be grateful to receive anything at all, but a bad gift sets off doubts about whether the giver really knows you.   That uncertainty can sting long after you’ve banished the offending gift to the far reaches of your closet. So what is the thought process that goes into choosing a bad gift? What goes on in the psyches of the gifting-challenged? The answer, according to psychologists, may be less mystifying, and perhaps even...

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