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Toronto's Finest Could Be Wearing Cameras By End Of The Year
Toronto police officers could be wearing cameras by the end of the year. The force will launch a one year pilot project that will see 100 officers wearing the body worn cameras. The details of the deal are still being finalized including when and where the cameras will be worn and what the final price tag will be. The plan as of now would be to have Toronto's finest equipped with the wearables by mid December. The pilot comes after numerous reports and recommendations suggesting that...
Mother Claims Niqab-Wearing School Bus Driver Poses Safety Risk
Should the driver have to show her face to the mother? Is this a safety issue or a religious issue? Was the mother wrong to file a complaint?   A Toronto mother has an issue with a niqab-wearing school bus driver, claiming that wearing a niqab poses a safety risk as the driver is not easily identifiable. Stacy Joseph feels that the niqab -- a veil worn by some Muslim women to cover their faces – should not be worn by a driver of a bus which is carrying her seven-year-old son...

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