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Mayor Ford Undergoes Lung Biopsy
The Toronto Sun is painting a grim picture of Mayor Rob Ford in his Mount Sinai hospital bed. The report says the Mayor is returning constituents phone calls from the hospital and is still feeling "pretty sick". Joe Warmington says he spoke with the mayor Monday and he was coughing and hacking and talking with a heavy breath. The mayor is still awaiting results from a biopsy from last week and also said doctors went into his lungs to take another biopsy on Monday. Ford told the Sun He...
STAFFORD - They Expensed THAT? A COOKIE?!?
Toronto District School Board Trustees are using their $27,000 expense accounts for some of the weirdest purchases. A $250 parking violation. A $3700 trip to Israel. (Trustee Gerri Gershon claimed she did it to learn about prayer and multi-faith, and tweeted during the entire trip, so she was basically working.) A $28 Giant COOKIE?!? (Trustee Chris Bolton submitted this claim, but has since declared that he knows nothing about it) Do these taxpayer-funded expense accountants need to...

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