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10 Charges For Toronto Man In Human Trafficking Investigation
A Toronto man has been picked up in a human trafficking investigation and police believe there may be some more victims. It's alleged a 17 year old girl was beaten, threatened and forced to work in the sex trade. The victim was taken to various GTA-area hotels to work over a 2 month span, and then forced to hand over any money she made. 22 year old Henok Mebratu surrendered to police and is facing several charges including trafficking, forcible confinement and uttering threats.    ...
STAFFORD - Fingerprinting
Airports are highly secured environments; there are many reasons why Big Brother ought to look over various shoulders. However, in requiring baggage handles in Montreal, Toronto and Halifax to use fingerprints to clock in and out of work, Air Canada is treading on treacherous privacy terrain. Employees with access to 'air-side' areas should be subjected to stringent security controls, if only to police would-be smugglers. but workers in this case claim fingerprinting was introduced primarily...

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