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Neighbourhood Watch Signs Given New Look
83 Neighbourhood Watch signs have been altered around the city to include pop-culture icons instead of the traditional three houses with the eyes. The new signs include pictures of Captain Kirk, Sulu, Dirty Harry, He-Man, Batman and Robin, characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun. The signs were altered by 30 year old Andrew Lamb who originally made the alterations because the signs were faded out and he wanted to add some flair. The...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - The Best At Being The Worst
In a study conducted by ESPN Toronto's own Maple Leafs were ranked last among sports franchises in North America.  The rankings based on fan surveys as well as financial analysis looked at factors such as ownership, coaching and stadium experience.  Out of 122 teams the Toronto Maple Leafs came dead last and the NBA's Antonio Spurs came in first.  Do you think TML deserves their position?  How do you feel about the Maple Leafs' franchise? See where the other Canadian teams landed here....

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