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Case Closed In Tunnel Investigation
It's a story that captured worldwide attention last week. The discovery of an underground tunnel near a Pan Am games venue had police, and everyone else, baffled, and sparked numerous theories. The tunnel, which measured 1.93 meters high, 86.4 centimeters wide and 10 meters long,  was well built, with support beams and plywood walls. Investigators found a generator and sump pump inside, as well as a rosary and Remembrance Day poppy. Criminal intent was ruled out, and today police say...
STAFFORD - Missing the school bus
Two Ontario parents are demanding answers from their son's school after their six-year-old kid missed the bus and walked home alone. Brantford residents Andrew Heubach and Dawn Russel say their son, Lucas, was not on board his school bus with his sister last week. Heubach, who picks up his kids at the bus stop, panicked and called the school. Heubach called the school and left a message saying he had looked everywhere and that his son was missing. According to the parents, the school did not...

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