Honickman is in for Jeff this week!
Honickman is in for Jeff this week!
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Exclusive Online Shows
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U of T Staff Could Strike Today
The midnight strike deadline has passed and still no word from the bargaining table as talks continue between the U of T and the union representing teaching assistants. CUPE says up to 10 thousand non-tenured academic staff could walk off the job at The U of T today and York University on Tuesday. The group is looking for a modest salary increase from $15,000 to $23,000. CUPE claims that nearly 60% of the teaching is provided by non-tenured staff but less than 4% of the yearly operating...
Honickman - The New Face Of TTC Fare Inspectors
The TTC board wants to put a gentler public face on the system's new team of fare inspectors.  A new testing period will have the team dressed in more "customer friendly" uniforms and removing their batons and handcuffs.  Along with this revamp, a new proof of payment fare system will soon be implemented.  TTC chief executive Andy Byford said he is concerned about the safety of officers in charge of making riders pay on a system where bus and streetcar drivers regularly face assault and abuse...

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