Rob Ford Diagnosed with Cancer
Rob Ford diagnosed with cancer - Oakley
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Rob Ford Will Undergo Chemo For Liposarcoma
Hospital officials at Mt. Sinai say a tumor in Mayor Rob Ford's abdomen is malignant liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer that grows in fat cells. Doctor Zane Cohen says they are planning a treatment plan that consists of chemotherapy for three days followed by an 18 day washout period. Dr. Cohen says they will repeat that treatment cycle, and once two rounds are complete they will reassess the tumor with imaging. Doctor's say they will wait to see how the tumor responds to chemo and that...
MCArthur|Toronto's El Mocambo May Close
The El Mocambo Tavern, one of Toronto’s famous music venues, looks like it will be shutting down. According to Facebook page of one of the club’s owners, Sam Grosso, the venue will be having a farewell charity show Nov 6. The good times were had, but it looks like the end to one of Toronto’s historical club spots will be shutting its doors....

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