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Toronto's Finest Could Be Wearing Cameras By End Of The Year
Toronto police officers could be wearing cameras by the end of the year. The force will launch a one year pilot project that will see 100 officers wearing the body worn cameras. The details of the deal are still being finalized including when and where the cameras will be worn and what the final price tag will be. The plan as of now would be to have Toronto's finest equipped with the wearables by mid December. The pilot comes after numerous reports and recommendations suggesting that...
STAFFORD|Is David Foster's Idea Fair or Folly?
David Foster thinks all Canadians should be automatic organ donors when they die. That is unless you take the time to register to say “no.” The Canadian music icon is throwing his celeb status behind a new campaign for “presumed consent,” an idea that would make all Canadians potential donors unless they decided to opt out of the program. Foster believes this idea would increase the supply of organs for the more than 4,400 Canadians who need transplants, when in 2012, 230 people died...

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