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City Official Files Request for Ice Storm Funding
Nearly a year to the day when Toronto was coated with a frosting of ice, a request for help is officially sitting in the hands of provincial aid officials. The City has submitted the required paperwork to ask Queen's Park to help cover the costs of the cleanup associated with the 2013 ice storm, which affected millions of residents, damaged homes and destroyed tree canopies. The request sits at a total of $64.2 million in one-time aid, to recover costs associated with emergency response, shelter...
STAFFORD | Fast and Furious Friday
According to Time magazine, when buying a teenger his/her first car, it's best to buy a new instead of used. A study from the U.S. Fatality Analysis Reporting System found that teens driving a vehicle 11 years or older were killed in accidents due to the lack of safety features. As well, teens were more likely to die in a smaller vehicle than a larger vehicle like a pickup truck. With this study, many parents are investing in a new vehicle for their teen instead of buying a decently priced used...

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