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Scarborough Subway Plans to be Released
One of the lingering projects from the Rob Ford era will be put under the spotlight on Thursday. City staff are set to hold a technical briefing, detailing what lies ahead for the controversial Scarborough Subway. Toronto's Director of Transportation is set to provide information that details potential corridors the line will follow, as well as the potential locations for the three or four stations that may be built. The line was originally approved as a three stop extension of Line 2,...
McArthur | Gordie Howe on the Mend After Stem Cell Procedure
Gordie Howe has responded so well to stem cell treatment that his son Marty wants him to undergo the procedure again.  Gordie suffered two strokes late last year and had “maybe a month to live,” when his family took the 86-year-old to Mexico in December for the treatment. Gordie Howe can walk again, his speech is improving and he’s gained weight that he lost. Should a Canadian icon have to become a stem cell tourist to get treatment? Would you be in favour of stem cell treatment in Canada?...

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