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U.S. Storms Cause Flight Cancellations in Toronto
As a massive storm barrels towards the U.S. northeast, the impact is being felt across North America. Upwards of 3 feet of snow could fall on parts of Pennsylvania, New York and through New England, with the storm then passing into the Maritime provinces.C Connecticut officials are bracing for upwards of 110,000 homes to be taken off the grid, with its Governor, along with the Governors of New York & New Jersey to declare states of emergencies. Airports in the largest cities will feel...
McArthur|Is Measuring the Success of Tory's 'No Tolerance Campaign' Via Anecdotes Reliable?
John Tory announced today the expansion of his no tolerance campaign which will include targeting out of province drivers who get tickets but don’t pay. He said in a presser this morning that he’s been approached by several community members indicating his no tolerance campaign has been and will continue to be a success – but is measuring the success of this campaign via anecdotes really a reliable measure of success?...

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