Rob Ford releases audio from hospital.
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Doug Ford Campaign to Hit the Streets of Etobicoke
Despite the newest name in the race to become mayor having yet to officially launch a campaign, with the exception of a sparsely populated website, Doug Ford has still to make a public appearance as candidate. Ford had hinted that Friday would be the official kick-off, however he opted to attend meetings and a visit with his brother instead. Etobicoke will now become the first stop on the campaign, with Ford's team saying door-knocks will start up on Saturday. Ford is also expected to take...
McArthur|Women, 59, Left 'Brain Dead' after Struck by Cyclist
A cyclist racing through Central Park in NYC crashed head on into a women leaving her brain dead. Jill Tarlov, 59 was reportedly shopping for her daughter's birthday present when Jason Marshall, 31 yelled at her to get out of the way when he was cycling through the crosswalk. Witnesses are unsure which of the two had the light, or right of way. Marshall, who was on a bike struck Tarlov and left her 'brain dead' - No charges have been laid but should this guy be charged with vehicular manslaughter?...

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