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Luka Magnotta Trial - Day-2
A day after the defense in the Luka Magnotta case opened proceedings by dropping a bombshell admission, jurors will get back to hearing testimony today in Montreal. Magnotta has pleaded "not guilty"to several charges, including first degree murder, but admits killing and dismembering Jun Lin in the Spring of 2012. His defense team claims, he's not criminally responsible due to mental illness and it will bring his family members in to testify that it runs in their family. They will also...
Luka Magnotta: Is There Any Merit For A Not Criminally Responsible Defence?
  Luka Magnotta is schizophrenic and was not criminally responsible when he killed student Jun Lin in 2012. Magnotta has borderline personality disorder and a history of schizophrenia in his family, Magnotta’s lawyer, Luc Leclair told jurors on Monday. After a lengthy jury selection process, one of Canada’s most publicized criminal cases has begun. The trial for 32-year-old alleged murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta began on Monday in Montreal, with Magnotta pleading not guilty to...

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