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Human Rights Advocates Don’t Like Canadian Passport Plan
Canada is taking a page from the UK and planning on revoking and refusing passports to those going abroad to take part in terrorist activity. British authorities announced the same controversial plan earlier this month in order to combat global terrorism. Human rights watch dogs are worried the Canadian government might use this new found power arbitrarily. The head of the Canadian Association of Refugee lawyers believes the current system allows legal avenues for people to launch appeals...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - The Best At Being The Worst
In a study conducted by ESPN Toronto's own Maple Leafs were ranked last among sports franchises in North America.  The rankings based on fan surveys as well as financial analysis looked at factors such as ownership, coaching and stadium experience.  Out of 122 teams the Toronto Maple Leafs came dead last and the NBA's Antonio Spurs came in first.  Do you think TML deserves their position?  How do you feel about the Maple Leafs' franchise? See where the other Canadian teams landed here....

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