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Poll: John Tory Leads but Doug Ford Gains in Mayoral Race
A new poll suggests John Tory is maintaining a healthy lead in the Toronto mayoral race, but his support is slipping slightly. The Mainstreet Technologies survey gives Tory 40% backing, a dip of 5-points from its previous poll. Olivia Chow has also lost a bit of ground, falling 2-points to 25% support. The big mover in the poll is Doug Ford, up 7-points to 23% support. At this point, 11% of those asked are still undecided. Pollster Quito Maggi says Ford is gaining support from both...
Canada Invalidating Passports Of Citizens Who Leave To Join Extremist Groups
  Canada is taking a page from the UK and planning on revoking passports of Canadians¬†and refusing passports to those who have left to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq. British authorities announced the same controversial plan earlier this month in order to combat global terrorism. Human rights watch dogs are worried the Canadian government might use this new found power arbitrarily. The head of the Canadian Association of Refugee lawyers believes the current system allows...

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