AUDIO: Why Were Liberal Hard Drives Wiped?
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Busy Travel Day At Pearson
Today will be the busiest travel day of the year at Pearson airport. The GTAA says on a normal day about 100,000 travel through Pearson but today that jumps to about 121,000. If you're flying today officials suggest checking in online to avoid having to do it when you arrive and they also suggest checking your flight status before getting to the airport. There‚Äôs even a new Pearson app so travelers can check flight status from their smartphones and mobile devices.   Operations...
STAFFORD | Drunk Driving Prevention
With the holiday season approaching, police are urging people not to drink and drive. They are encouraging drivers to call 911 or dial #OPP if anyone spots an erratic driving. There have been a number of people calling the police when they suspect a drunk or distracted driver and it's helping to prevent major accidents.   Have you ever contacted the police after suspecting a driver was drunk or distracted?  ...

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