Honickman is in for Jeff this week!
Honickman is in for Jeff this week!
Exclusive Online Shows
Exclusive Online Shows
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Toronto Senior Busted In Sex Assault Investigation
A 67 year old Toronto man is facing charges after a 12 year old says she was sexually assaulted last weekend. It's alleged a man was walking through the hallways of a building in the Victoria Park and Finch Avenue area, and would watch young girls playing together, and then follow them. Police say when one of the girls was alone, he approached her and complimented her before assaulting her,  and then asked the 12 year old to leave with him. Jamshed Bhatti has been charged with sexual interference...
OAKLEY | Cold jobs
It doesn't look like the frigid temperatures will stop any time soon. Many try to avoid the cold, but those who work outdoors don't have that luxury. Here are four jobs the faint of heart would be ill-equipped to brave on the coldest days of a Canadian winter. 1. Mail carrier 2. Construction worker 3. Power-line technician 4.  Dog musher Do you work outdoors? How do you get through the day in the frigid temperatures?...

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