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Ranked Ballots Could Be Coming In Next Municipal Election
The municipal election in 2018 could be very different from the one coming up on October 27. Premier Wynne has ordered her municipal affairs minister to give Ontario cities the option of using ranked ballots in the 2018 elections. Ted McMeekin will begin a review of the Municipal Elections Act after the upcoming municipal elections. Municipalities could be given the option of using ranked ballots in future elections rather than the first-past-the-post system currently being used. In...
CARROLL ON THE NEWS - Maple Leaf Square Will Live On
After premature speculation about changing the name of Toronto's Maple Leaf Square, MSLE has come out and said the name will remain.  As they continue to turn Bremner Blvd. into a sports fan gathering spot, a deal in place has named the spot the "Ford Fan Zone at Maple Leaf Square".  MSLE reps want the public to know the name has nothing to do with the political family but with the car manufacturer.  Have you ever watched a sports event in the square?  Are you concerned with it's new branding?...

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