TRIGIANI: When A Deal Seems Too Good To Be True…

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TRIGIANI: When A Deal Seems Too Good To Be True...

Is $1 per ticket for seats at a Stanley Cup game a deal that’s too good to be true? Turns out it was!

Now he’s angry, and says his dreams have been crushed, and deserves fair compensation for that.


Kavi Arora thought he secured four tickets to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final for a measly $12, only to have them taken away from him.

The die-hard New York Rangers fan bought the tickets for lower-bowl seats at $1 apiece, plus an $8.20 service charge, through StubHub after checking prices on a whim two weeks ago. He received a confirmation email and went to bed thinking he was the luckiest NHL fan in New Jersey.

“(New York’s) run to the Cup (final) is the best thing that’s happened to me all year,” Arora, a Hoboken resident, told “This would be the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Unfortunately for Arora, he woke up to an email from StubHub saying the ticket order was cancelled because the seller was “unable to fulfil the order.” He was offered a $300 voucher by the company.


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