STAFFORD: He Can’t Have This Sign… on His OWN Lawn?

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STAFFORD: He Can't Have This Sign... on His OWN Lawn?

Should this Burlington resident be allowed to keep a homemade election sign on his OWN lawn?

The municipal ‘red tape factory’ doesn’t think so!


Here’s the story, courtesy of the Burlington Post (you can read the full piece here):

A Burlington resident and the city’s bylaw enforcement are at odds over a homemade sign lobbying against one of the provincial parties.

Louis Magyar, 60, created a 4’x12’ sign this spring, stating “Stupid is as Stupid Does: Go Ahead Vote Liberal” along with a list of reasons he feels the party can’t be trusted.

He erected it on the front lawn of his Mount Forest Drive home more than two weeks ago.

A PC party-issued Jane McKenna sign is also displayed on his property.

A city bylaw officer issued him a notice this afternoon to take the homemade sign down by Sunday afternoon or face a fine.



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