VGS- October 13: Trevor Philips from GTA V Joins the Show and Pokemon Explode in Toronto!

Toronto, ON, Canada / Talk Radio AM640

This week on VGS….Andy and Shaggy Dave tear themselves away from GTA V just long enough to speak with one of the stars of this multibillion dollar franchise…but first….

Shaggy Dave heads down to the Toronto Habourfront to catch some Pokemon!? He speaks to Nintendo’s Julie Gagnon on what for the world wide launch of Pokemon X and Y

FEATURE INTERVIEW: He plays one of the most compelling and effective voice in video gaming… he’s a canuck. Actor Steven OGG joins the show to discuss his portrayl of Trevor Philips in the best game ever made GTA V.

We go over the day to day process at the studio, some of the great Trevor lines that were left on the cutting room floor and I ruin the ending for him!? Interview starts at: 13:00

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